Is Talen Horton-Tucker Good Enough?

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Talen Horton-Tucker has had a big spotlight on him this season. He’s someone who Lakers fans were excited about seeing his development.

He’s only 21, he’s got a seven-foot wingspan at 6’4. He’s got a tight handle, he can create his own shot and he can get to the rim and finish strong.

He is definitely ‘good enough’, he’s a very talented young NBA player. However, in this sense, ‘good enough’ means does his current ability warrant his place on the Lakers considering their circumstances.

LeBron James complimenting Talen Horton-Tucker after a great game against magic.

When you read those qualities to his game, you think the Lakers have a great player on their roster.

The problem with Horton-Tucker is consistency and the Lakers really need players who are great on a consistent basis.

You see great games from him but then you also see terrible games from him. For example, when he returned from his injury he made an immediate impact.

In his first three games, he averaged 23.3 points, 7.3, rebounds, and 4 assists. Despite the Lakers losing two of those games, he had a great showing on his return.

Now he is averaging 9.4 points, 3.2 rebounds, and 2.6 assists, whilst shooting 26.8% from three.

He has all the tools to be a great player on a great team, he is a developing young player with serious potential to be great in this league.

Perhaps, his inconsistency stems from the coaching. What is his role in the offense? He needs to be focused on attacking the basket, that’s what he’s best at.

However, when you have him in rotations with Russell Westbrook are you getting the best out of him offensively? Not really, he needs space so he can finish around the rim and kick it out if need be.

It isn’t that simple though, is Horton-Tucker good enough to work an entire rotation to benefit his game? Over a Russell Westbrook? Over a LeBron James? Over Anthony Davis?

He currently averages 25.5 minutes a game, that’s up 5.4 from last year. Most people probably thought he’d take a big step this year but he hasn’t.

Do they trade him? How much value does he have? Or do the Lakers stick with him and continue to oversee his development.

One thing is for sure, he is definitely a good young talent, that will improve year by year, whether he is on the Lakers or not.

However, the Lakers roster is so poorly constructed that he may have to be traded due to his contract being of worth.

The Lakers need to be contending for a championship, Talen Horton-Tucker has shown he can contribute to winning basketball so he is good enough.

Unfortunately for him, the Lakers may need to move him in order to rebuild their mess of a roster and contend.

He is and will become an even greater player, but at his current state, he is not good enough to have a guaranteed spot in the Lakers’ future roster.

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