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Athletes play sports with one goal in mind, and that is to win championships, but breaking records is always the cherry on top of a career. Breaking records cements the athlete with all the all-time greats. Currently, there are many different records around the NHL that could be broken in the coming years. Some are more impressive than others, but impressive nonetheless. Let’s look into these potentially soon-to-be broken records.

The NHL’s Ironman

We have already seen the NHL’s Ironman streak broken this season when Philidelphia Flyers defenceman Keith Yandle took the ice on January 25th against the New York Islanders for the 965th consecutive time. This was no easy task for the 35-year-old defenceman as the streak started in 2009 with the then Phoenix Coyotes, during this streak Yandle also suited up for the New York Rangers and Florida Panthers. Now although the ironman streak record was recently broken there is a high possibility Yandle could get passed shortly after his streak ends. With current Coyotes forward and pending unrestricted free agent Phil Kessel sitting just 23 games behind Yandle. Kessel is a year younger than Yandle and over the course of his career shown he can be an asset to any team is poised to be around longer than Yandle. Stay tuned as these two ironmen battle to determine who the true all-time NHL ironman really is.

Single-Season Wins by a Goaltender

The single-season wins by a goaltender record are currently being held by two goaltenders, Martin Brodeur and Braden Holtby with 48 wins each. Brodeur past former Flyers goaltender Bernie Parent‘s 47 win record in the 2006-07 seasons, the same season Vancouver Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo had 47 wins. While Holtby tied Brodeur’s record in 2015-16. The difference between Brodeur and Holtby is Brodeur had 23 losses in 2006-07 while Holtby only had nine losses in 2015-16. Flashforward to the 2021-22 season and there could be a new goaltender sitting atop the wins in a season. Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy is on track to beat out both Brodeur and Holtby. With 16 games left in the Lightning’s season and Vasilevskiy currently sitting with 35 wins the possibility is alive. Vasilevskiy and the Lightning would need to win their remaining 16 games with him in net for them all but with two back-to-backs and the Lightning all but guaranteed a spot in the playoffs it is slim. Even if it is not this season Vasilevskiy has a legitimate shot at breaking the record within the next few seasons.

Most Games Played

The most games played record is held by three separate players Patrick Marleau, who passed Gordie Howe‘s 1,767 career games played record on April 19, 2021, he currently sits with 1,779 career games played and up to this point it does not seem as though the 42-year-old forward will lace up his skates again. While his former teammate Joe Thornton is sitting five spots behind him. Five spots sounds like a lot in the record books, but when it comes to the case of games played it is just 71 games behind. With Thornton and the Florida Panthers 16 games remaining in their season it should cut Marleau’s lead over Thorton to just 55 games. If Thornton has one seasons left in the tank he should have problem passing Marleau.

Career Goals Scored

The goals scored in a career record was believed to be one of those most unreachable records, much like points and assists all of which held by none other than Wayne Gretzky. Although over the last few years it has come to light that Washington Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin could very well pass Gretzky’s 894 career goals, not just pass but blow away. At the ripe age of 36-years-old Ovechkin has netted 772 career goals and counting. Ovechkin has shown no signs of slowing down himself but he has already had to battle three shorten seasons. Currently time is the only thing holding Ovechkin back, a couple more 50-goal seasons plus half a season and Ovechkin should have no problem becoming the first NHL player to score 900 career goals.

Who is Going Down?

These are the four most likely records to be broken in the next few seasons. With the Goals scored record being the most likely. Records such as goals in a season, points in a career and assists in a career are a few of the most unlikely, all of which are held by none other than Wayne Gretzky himself. As time goes on all the records may be broken for the foreseeable future many will stand in triumph.

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