Breaking News: Panthers Clinched Playoff Spot

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The Florida Panthers have clinched the playoff spot for the Stanley Cup. After the last two wins against the New Jersey Devils and the Buffalo Sabers, the Panthers are on their way to their first possible Stanley Cup win. This is an exciting time in the Panthers franchise since they acquired players Claude Giroux and Ben Chiarot. This will be a quick overlook of how their chances are in the playoffs as well as their chances for the Stanley Cup. 

Time to Hunt

The Panthers have been on a roll this past season with a 48-15-6 record. It is no surprise that they are the team that is here to win. A last-minute victory over the Devils and a secure win against the Sabers shows that they are on fire. Also, records have been broken for Jonathan Huberdeau. This includes the most points in a single season in the Panthers franchise and so many other records within the past couple of weeks. The Panthers continue to rise not only in the Atlantic Division but also in the NHL. 

Possible Stanley Cup Win?

With the addition of Giroux and Chiarot, their chances of advancing through the playoffs are very strong. Is it enough for them to make it to the Stanley Cup and win? It is a very strong possibility that they will make it to the Stanley Cup as well for them to win. The NHL is like the wild, wild west. The games will be on a whole different level and the Stanley Cup win will be sweet to savour. The Panthers do have that chance with a great coaching staff as well as the talented players the Panthers. If you are looking for the latest news, start by checking this post about Jimmy John Shark.


The Florida Panthers have been on a major streak throughout the season, especially within the past couple of weeks. With the last two wins, broken records, and the addition of veteran players, the Panthers have the strive and the determination to win the playoffs as well as the Stanley Cup.

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