3 of the Best Goals in Oilers History Part 2

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This is the second part of my series reminiscing about some of the best goals in Edmonton Oilers’ history. Find Part 1 here!

Last time we covered an epic celebration for a late game-tying goal, the goal that finalized a heroic upset in the playoffs, and a highly touted prospect starting his career off on the right foot.

But that isn’t all of the best goals in Oilers history. This is a franchise that has no shortage of memorable moments in its 50-odd years of existence. So let’s continue on reliving some of that storied past with a few more memorable goals!

Connor McDavid Goes Through Four Rangers

Quite honestly, Connor McDavid should just have his own list. Even in just his first seven seasons, he has scored and created countless highlight-reel goals. It’s impossible to fully rank them as they’re all amazing in their own way, but this one is in a league of its own. The New York Rangers were made to look silly here as he stickhandles his way through most of the players on the ice.

It’s a perfect example of picking your spots. You can see McDavid be patient and wait until he sees a hole in the Rangers’ defense. Then as soon as that lane is open, he activates his totally fair turbo boost to drive in the offensive zone and navigate through the defenders. He is not quite done yet, though, as he still had to get through Alexandar Georgiev in the net. But let’s face it, at this point that is the easy part.

It’s usually a highlight-reel goal when someone can dangle their way through one player like this. But here’s McDavid making it look easy to do that through four. Five if you include the goalie.

Ales Hemsky’s Late Tying Goal

Not only is this a pretty nice goal in its own right, but it also is one of the more memorable moments of the past couple of decades for the Oilers. Plus, it had some potentially game-changing butterfly effect consequences for the team and the league.

In what seemed to be an unimportant game in the middle of January back in 2007, Patrik Stefan looked to be on the verge of securing a victory for the Dallas Stars. Dallas is up 5-4 with about 15 seconds left in the game, and he capitalized on a fanned pass from Marc-Andre Bergeron at the Oilers’ blue line. 

Slowing gliding and stickhandling towards the empty net, Stefan hold onto the puck for a fraction of a second too long as it bounces over his stick and he whiffs, falls over and gives the puck away. Jarret Stoll fires a long stretch pass up the ice where Ryan Smyth eventually centres the puck for a streaking Ales Hemsky who tied the game with two seconds left.

Although Edmonton lost the game in a shootout, this tying goal gave them an extra point in the standings. As the article linked above points out, that extra point allowed the Oilers to finish the season tied with the Chicago Blackhawks for fifth-worst in the league, though Edmonton held the tiebreaker and formally finished sixth-worst. The Blackhawks won the draft lottery that spring and were able to take Patrick Kane first overall. That could have been Edmonton drafting him had Stefan not whiffed on the empty net.

Fernando Pisani’s Shorthanded Overtime Winner

Fernando Pisani used the 2006 Stanley Cup Playoffs to endear himself to Oilers fans for life. Usually more of a role player throughout his career, he went on the hot streak of a lifetime during the playoffs and was a huge factor in the unexpected Cup Finals appearance. Perhaps the pinnacle of the whole postseason was this historic overtime goal, the first shorthanded overtime game-winner in Stanley Cup Finals history.

After intercepting a slow pass from defender to defender, Pisani gets a bit of a breakaway and heads in alone on Carolina Hurricanes goaltender Cam Ward. From the hash marks, he snipes it top shelf to win the game and keep the Oilers’ playoff hopes alive.

I won’t delve too much farther into the series as I’ve repressed most of the memories from this time period. But I will always keep Pisani’s performance in this series and playoffs in a fond place in my memory bank. In 24 games in the 2006 Playoffs, he had 14 goals, including five game-winners. Quite simply, the things legends are made of.

There you have it, a few more of the best goals in Oilers history! Got any suggestions for some to include in a potential part three? Drop them in the comments below!

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