Yegor Sharangovich: On Pace For Belarusian Scoring Title

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The Preview

After Yegor Sharangovich’s emergence from the 2018 NHL Entry Draft selected at 141st overall during the Ray Shero and Paul Castron administration (GM, and Director of Amateur Scouting) who helped conduct that draft. The Devils seemed to have trusted their scouts who seemed to have taken notice of his potential for Dinamo Minsk in the KHL who was only scoring 12 points in 47 games played.

Sharangovich in the season before had 2 goals and 3 points internationally in 15 games played. His U20 numbers in 2016-17 were 28 points in 38 games played with 15 points. In Yegor’s draft year he yielded 12 (8 assists) points in 47 games making it to the KHL level.

Yegor Sharangovich scores a hat trick vs. Florida Panthers

If there is one thing historically accurate it is the New Jersey Devils’ understanding of the Russian and Belarussian hockey circuit since Lou Lamoriello began bringing in players from the now-former Red Army Hockey team. The point is that the New Jersey Devils scouts seem to not only know Eastern Europe and Russia well but seem to know who to select.

Sharangovich Hunting For Belarusian Scoring Title

As everyone not only associated with watching the New Jersey Devils but eventually the NHL as a whole will begin to take notice more of why drafting guys like Yegor in later rounds really does matter. The New Jersey Devils last season with a shortened season were able to get 30 points out of the young winger and adding some scoring prowess.

Looking at Yegor’s current points per game pace at 0.59 in his career at a 520 game pace he will achieve several things 1) Becoming the all-time Belarusian scorer in points with roughly 307 points 2) scoring 151 assists 3) scoring 156 goals. The current king of Belarusian skaters Mikhail Grabovski for the all-time points title.

What this means is to Belarusian hockey fans this is the Wayne Gretzky of their generation but the best since the Andrei and Sergei Kostitsyn post-Mikhail Grabovski era. Marketing Sharangovich and the future of him with the New Jersey Devils will make more fans want to watch hockey streams to see him succeed at the highest level of hockey.

Yegor Sharangovich In The Present

Yes, the Devils’ season has been compounded by COVID-19 screening tests, injuries, poor coaching, and other forms of bad performance in net there have been a few silver linings. Yegor Sharangovich bested his seasonal points total from 30 to 39 already before the season comes to a close.

He has improved his goals and assists tallies and getting him above the 0.56 points per game so Sharangovich’s scoring touch has jumped 3% season over season hovering to a career 0.59 points per game average.

If Yegor’s goal-scoring goes up to 0.62 points per game in an 82 game pace that’ll be nearly 51 points and scores 0.33 Goals-per 82 that’s 27 goals the next season. The Devils have him next season, and guys like Alexander Holtz are starting to come up next season after the team in Utica finishes off their AHL run in the playoffs. The 2022-23 season will be rather interesting to see how the team begins to build around a new and very hopefully improved goalie core.

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