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Astros City Connect Rankings and Reaction

You can find last year’s MLB City Connect Rankings here and see how the Nationals City Connect ranked earlier this year! Now time to talk about the Astros’ newest uniform!

MLB"s Uniform Identity Crisis

The following is a passage from my original article about MLB’s uniform identity crisis:

"[Astros uniforms] are effortlessly bland. It truly is a shame that a franchise that was once one of the trailblazers in weird uniforms has sunk itself so low into a uniform so uninspired.

Firstly, the name is "Astros", as in outer space. In what way is outer space at all represented in the Astros uniforms? It isn’t. Block lettering is the least outer-spacey lettering choice the designers could have possibly imagined. At least try to finagle a spaceship on the uniform, or maybe the baseballs in orbit like the team’s logo until 1975. Even more simply, all the Astros needed to be on-brand was to be obnoxious. They couldn’t even make the jersey interesting to look at"

The Reaction

With all of that being said, the Houston Astros have answered my cries with a vengeance. The Astros city connect uniform should be a full time alternate. I’ll even go one step further, the Astros franchise as a whole should rebrand to match this NASA inspired brand, because this is the best uniform and hat that the Houston Astros have ever had. Period.

What makes it so great? well, the colors actually looks like outer space while the font looks like it came off of a rocket. The fading colors on the piping are on-brand with the Astros while the hat provides a modern update to the classic Astros logo. Above all, even if you knew nothing about the Astros identity, the uniform just looks spectacular in the year 2022. This is the call of artistic appeal that I have been screaming for in MLB uniforms that can be used to get young and new eyeballs on the screen.

The Updated City Connect Rankings

If the Astros know what is good for them, they would hire the designer of this uniform to create new home and away uniforms. New City Connect ranks are as follows:

  1. Astros
  2. Marlins
  3. Nationals
  4. White Sox
  5. Dodgers
  6. Red Sox
  7. Diamondbacks
  8. Cubs
  9. Giants

Please let us know what you think of the newest Astros" uniform in the comments!

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