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Lethwei Legend Too Too Captured

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After nearly a year of devestation being caused by the junta in Myanmar, it appears that things are still far from being resolved.

It’s being reported by BBC Burmese that Lethwei legend Too Too is the latest casualty of the Junta as he is one of a reported seven people to have been captured withing the last 24hrs.

Too Too is a legend, having fought all of the big names in the world of Lethwei including a 5rd war with Dave Leduc.

You will remember in June of 2021 we reported the unfortunate news that another Lethwei fighter, ONE Championship superstar Phoe Thaw had been captured. Its to our understanding that Phoe is still being held captive, and with the latest tragic news regarding Too Too things are still looking as concerning as ever.

All of us at Overtime Heroics are hoping and praying for the safe return of Phoe Thaw and Too Too, including all those that has been effected by this terrible atrocity.

Image Credits BBC Burmese

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