Patricio Pitbull Slams AJ McKee Ahead of Bellator 277 Title Fight

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Former Bellator Champion Patricio “Pitbull” Freire used his latest press conference as an opportunity to tear into long-term rival Aj McKee verbally.

The featherweight champion, McKee, made the ‘Pitbull’ have a taste of his own medicine when the pair met in Bellator 263 on the 31st of July, 2021. He submitted Patricio “Pitbull” with a first-round submission via standing guillotine choke bringing the fight to a premature end.

This Friday night in SAP Center, San Jose, California. AJ Mckee will square up against Patricio in a title bout headlining Bellator 277. Despite being signed with Bellator, Mckee revealed his desire to switch promotions to compete in the UFC’s best superstars while emphasizing a better pay structure from the promotion if he remains with Bellator. 

The 34-year-old took their rivalry to an all-new slamming the current champion, Mckee, for trying to delay their revenge while also pulling off tricks with the media.

Patricio Pitbull Says AJ McKee Is “Unethical”

“I believe he asked for more money than could be offered; maybe he turned down an offer from Bellator and asked for more, even though his purse isn’t low. He was kind of flirting with the UFC in the media — and, to me, that’s very unethical.” ‘Pitbull’ said.

“He’s exclusive, he’s under contract, he’s the Bellator champion, Bellator pays him a lot more than the UFC would pay him, that’s for sure. I know the numbers. And he was on this tug of war that he wasn’t going to win because he has a contract with the organization. So, sooner or later, he was going to have to go back to reality and look at the organization and say, ‘OK, who’s going to be my opponent?’” Freire continued.

Since his loss to the American, ‘Pitbull’ (32-5-0) has been on an impressive course, and his current form continues to do the talking for him. He acknowledged his opponent’s abilities and has put in serious work since his loss to the Mckee, and has relinquished his intention not to go back home without the belt.

“I knew he was dangerous and explosive, a finisher, especially in the first minutes of the fight, He has an excellent first round and the first half of the second round is also excellent, and then he begins to slow down. We left with the defeat even though I didn’t agree with the premature stoppage by the referee, but we saw he was superior in many things. There’s this taste of revenge, and I’m very motivated. But my mind is relaxed.” he said.

Patricio Pitbull Believes This Fight Decides His Legacy

The Brazilian became the second fighter in the promotion’s history to be crowned a “double champ.” after silencing his critics to secure a first-round finish against Micheal Chandler. He is filled with confidence and goes into the title fight, willing to set his legacy as one of the best of all time in the division.

“I’ve done a lot already, I’ve cleaned the division out more than three times. I’ve won a number of tournaments and defended my featherweight title. I’ve won 10 world championship fights, moved up a division, even though I’m small, and beat Michael Chandler, so my legacy is more than built already.  Now, it’s about trying to beat the man that beat me in my previous fight. That’s it.”

McKee (18-0) is the only fighter to evade the pitbull’s wrath and is ready to defend his featherweight title while also setting his sights on adding to his belt collection in another promotion.

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