US Place $5 Million Bounty on Boxing Promoter Kinahan

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Famous Boxing promoter and former advisor to Tyson Fury, Daniel Kinahan is now wanted by the US government, as they issued a $5 million reward for his arrest or partners of his “Kinahan” group. They are wanted by US Marshals for drug trafficking, extortion, and running a $1 billion criminal empire akin to the Japanese yakuza or the Russian mafia.

Who is Daniel Kinahan?

Kinahan ran the boxing management company MTK Global, which is home to several boxing stars and current heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

The Gypsy King has been pictured several times with the international criminal and famously took to social media to thank him after his involvement in the approval of his matchup with Anthony Joshua, in one of the most-anticipated title bouts in history.

“I’m just after getting off the phone with Daniel Kinahan; He’s just informed me that the biggest fight in British boxing history has just been agreed.”- Tyson Fury said in 2020.

And just two weeks after his video praising Kinahan, Fury’s US promoter Bob Arum claimed the boxer had terminated his professional relationship with the Irishman in light of his crimes.

Daniel Kinahan’s Notorious Crimes

The Irishman seems to have used boxing as a shadow of his atrocities and is labeled as part of a dangerous handful of drug barons involved in a number of drug-related offenses. He is the son of Christopher Vincent Kinahan, Sr., better known as Christy ‘the Dapper Don’ Kinahan, an Irish drug dealer with convictions for ecstasy and heroin smuggling.

The Kinahans – Christy Sr., Daniel, and Christopher Jr. – were named by the US Department of the Treasury as being at the apex of the criminal network and sanctions are against them. “All property and interests in property of the designated individuals or entities in the United States or the possession or control of US persons must be blocked and reported to the Office of Foreign Assets Control.” 

Previously in 2018, Kinahan was subject to multiple allegations and was labeled as a national disgrace by Boxing legend Barry McGuigan which led to several stars cutting ties with the controversial promoter. He released a statement debunking all rumors and emphasized his innocence.

“I can’t be any clearer on the fundamental slur – I am not a part of a criminal gang or any conspiracy; I have no convictions. None. Not just in Ireland but anywhere in the world.”

This year, following his fleeing from the UK alongside his brothers, the US government announced a $5m (£3.8m) reward for information leading to the arrest or conviction of Daniel Kinahan, his father Christy, and brother Christopher Jr.

“Each member of the KOCG (Kinahan Organised Crime Group) reports to Daniel Kinahan, who is believed to run the organization’s day-to-day operations.”

Irish police commissioner Drew Harris has issued a warning to everyone affiliated with the suspect outlining the possible effects of maintaining a relationship with Daniel Kinahan: “If you deal with these individuals who have been sanctioned, or these entities who are being approved, you are involved in a criminal network.”

“I’d ask them to look to their own business, at the integrity of their own business and the relationship with their fans, and is this something they want to be involved with in terms of their legitimate business. I think the answer to that is a resounding no.”

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