Is JT Miller Entering the Record Books?

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JT Miller has been having the most successful season of his entire career. He has been so successful, that he may even be entering categories that were previously only reserved for Vancouver Canucks legends.

JT Miller is coming off an impeccable five-point night against the Arizona Coyotes on April 14. Now, the whole team certainly played well, and other players picked up multiple points, but Miller certainly was the driving force.

He assisted on five of Vancouver’s seven goals on Friday evening – earning him the championship belt that is given to the best Canuck player on a particular night.

This five-assist night makes JT Miller the first Canuck to accomplish this in nearly 20 years. The last player before Miller was Markus Naslund on February 25, 2003 during an 8-0 beatdown over the Atlanta Thrashers.

This performance brings with it an intriguing question:

How is JT Miller stacking up in Vancouver’s record books?

With this showing, Miller’s stat line on the season sits at 29-62-91 over only 73 games played. Miller has missed two games this season, but he still has seven more chances to increase this number.

Currently, JT Miller is tied at ninth place all-time, in points scored by a Canuck in a single season. He shares this feat with Patrik Sundstrom who finished his 78-game season in 1983-84 with 91 points.

With time remaining, Miller looks to move up this list, potentially even into the 100-point category. Only five Canucks have ever done this over the past five decades. Pavel Bure is the only player to surpass 100 points as a Canuck on two separate occasions.

It will be extremely interesting to see how high Miller can raise his point total before the season’s end. His name now will need to be mentioned in conversations surrounding Canucks legends like Bure and Naslund. Regardless, he has certainly etched his name into Vancouver’s record books.

“It doesn’t mean shit to me if we don’t play in the playoffs”

Although Miller has brought an elite amount of scoring to the table, he’s a player that will never be satisfied with individual accolades.

“I’ve gotten an amazing opportunity since I’ve been here. Y’know, I get to play in every situation which is something that I’ve worked for my whole career. But, that being said, it doesn’t mean shit to me if we don’t play in the playoffs,” Miller explained.

The thing about Miller that makes his season so impressive, is the fact that he cares about winning above all else.

“It’s great, but I’m not in this for the personal gain. When I’m playing well, points come – and when that happens we win more games.”

His will to compete is connected with his drive to get the Canucks back in the playoffs.

“I really just wanna play in the playoffs. Because when you score in the playoffs, that’s what means a lot.”

Miller has helped the Canucks win their past five consecutive games. Although Vancouver’s playoff chances are extremely narrow at the moment, Miller and the entirety of the Canucks’ roster will continue to fight until their final game.

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