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Top 3 Examples of Iconic Football Memorabilia

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Whether you’re a collector or not, if you’re a fan of football then it’s guaranteed that there’s a piece of memorabilia that you’d love to get your hands on. Some of us have niche favourites, ones that are unusual but maybe not high value. Others would do anything to get their hands on a piece of priceless football history. The rest of us might remember a phase from our youth and want a bit of simple football ephemera from that time. Whichever category you fit into, you’re guaranteed to remember at least one of these five iconic items of football memorabilia.

Treasured Football Programmes

There’s something incredible about holding a true piece of history in your hands and it turns out that the footballing crowd agree. This auction at Christie’s ran on the 10th of December 1998 and featured dozens of sought after items of football memorabilia. One of the most interesting lots, though, was a set of football programmes for the team Tottenham Hotspur. They were bound in a leather cover, in great condition and dated from the 1914-15 season. For those of you who are hot on your history, you’ll realise that these years were during a significant period in time. Although other leather bound sets of football programmes sold for sums of between £1000 and £2000 on the day, this collection made £5520. Compared to some of the items on this list, the price isn’t astronomical, but thinking about the things these programmes have lived through makes them quite an incredible piece of football history. Even more so if you’re a Spurs fan! There have been saved programmes for plenty of other teams from this era, but you’ll need a pretty penny to get your hands on one.

Goal Scorer Slot Machine

Although you’ll need a little more space if you plan on collecting slot machines, they’re a surprisingly sought after collector’s item. From the penny slots of Vegas to the pay to play slots of 19th century London, there are a great deal of rare and valuable penny slots to invest in. This particular example was made in 1896 in London and still works just as it did back then. The stand and shell are made from sturdy cast iron and decorated with ornate enamel. Inside the stage is a football field with two articulated and heavily embossed football players. As a coin is inserted a ball is released and the player can press the handle, passing the ball from footballer to footballer. If you were to score a goal, then your coin would be returned to you.

A Crisp Packet?!

There have been many examples of sportspeople endorsing food, from PT Usha starring in the latest KFC advert, to a couple of footballers who found their names on packets of crisps. Michael Owen and Gary Lineker were household names in the 90s and, as such, Walkers crisps approached them with an offer: a crisp flavour of their own. Michael Owen became Cheese & Owen, whilst Gary Lineker became Salt & Lineker. Any crisp munchers from that era will almost certainly have snacked their way through a bag with one of these guys on the front of it, yet very few remain. There was a brief comeback of the Salt & Lineker flavour in 2017, but the original bags are a sought after collector’s item. An original 1995 packet of Salt & Lineker flavoured crisps will cost you around £5 on eBay, though they tend to be sold empty which feels like a bit of a cheat. Either way, they’re a great talking point and look pretty fun framed and hung in the downstairs bathroom.

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