Francis Ngannou Discusses UFC Feud and Tension

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The Super intriguing matchup between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou has been the subject on the lips of every MMA fan, and the current heavyweight champion discusses his chances against one of the most renowned boxers in this century while also slamming the UFC.

Ngannou made his UFC debut in 2015 and has been on an uphill journey. He uncrowned Stipe Miocic, the man who is arguably the best UFC heavyweight fighter of all time. Most recently, he defended his title for the first time against another rising prospect Cyril Gane, and this would end as another victory for ‘The Predator’.

Why the Interim Championship?

Despite being active and in possession of the heavyweight title, the promotion set up an interim heavyweight title fight between Cyril Gane and Derrick Lewis. The Cameroonian ridiculed this decision. 

In a build-up to his battle with Cyril Gane, the champion was hit with multiple distractions ranging from his undisclosed injuries to maltreatments from the UFC. 

UFC matchmaker Mick Maynard, not White, was the person who wrapped the heavyweight title around Ngannou’s waist after his successful title defense, further intensifying the conflict between the pair.

White claimed his unavailability to put the belt on Francis Ngannou after UFC 270 title win was down to sorting “stuff going on backstage”.

Francis Ngannou Laments Unfair ‘Treatment’ by UFC

Ngannou is still contracted with the UFc following his decision win over Cyril Gane but has publicly declared his desire to see out his contract and refusal to sign a renewal if his conditions are unmatched.

With the contractual talks between the promotion and his team having no improvements, the Champion discusses the disrespect he receives from the promotion.

“I felt happy… Because that meant I [made] my point. That means [he] kind of understands what I was saying, what I was fighting for… He was unhappy he couldn’t control me and he gets pissed of because things didn’t go his way… I was the winner, why I should be pissed off?”- Ngannou revealed in an interview with True Gordie.

Ngannou has constantly been unhappy throughout his tenure in the UFC, with the inability to secure an opponent and the failure to chase his dream of professional boxing, among other goals.

The 35-year-old has previously stated he incurred multiple losses in his current contract with the UFC, which amounted to 7-million dollars.

Ngannou, who has always clamored for freedom and better fighters’ benefits, also reflected on the UFC sponsorship with estimated to be around $ 175 million, which made him lose his multi-million dollar deal with Coinbase.

The champion is currently recovering from the knee injury obtained while sparring with his teammate before UFC 270 and is not set to return to the Octagon this year. He was in Wembley to witness Tyson Fury’s triumph against Dillian white.

The British boxer invited the MMA champion to the ring as both fighters poked fun at each other in the post-fight interview and also agreed to a hybrid fight between them.

Ngannou’s interest in taking on the renowned boxer remains evergreen and indicated it would be a significant factor in his contract renewal. He also set his eyes on other big fights within the promotion, which might include a trilogy against Stipe Miocic or Jon Jones.

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