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Giroux, Chiarot, and Lindbohm as Panthers

There is no doubt that the Florida Panthers are on a hot streak. The Panthers acquired some fresh new players. Also, the Panthers acquired some of the ones who have been in NHL for quite a while. They are considered veterans or the “Sophomore” players.

This is a look at the three additions to the Panthers including a former Flyers player to two talented defensive players that have defined their respective teams. It is time to take a look at these players and how they impact the Panthers" roster. Furthermore, this would also be a look at the overall visual, game, and appeal of the Panthers.

Claude Giroux

Claude Giroux was a former Philadelphia Flyers" center and wing. Originally from Hearst, Ontario, Canada, this 34-year-old veteran player has been a proven valuable asset in NHL. After his 1,000 games with the Flyers, he was traded to the Panthers during NHL Trade Deadline. He has been a wonderful asset to the Panthers" roster.

Ben Chiarot

Ben Chiarot has been in NHL for a while. He is originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He has played with the Winnipeg Jets and the Montréal Canadiens. Like Giroux, Chiarot has been traded to the Panthers during NHL Trade Deadline. He has also been a great addition to the Panthers" lineup.

Petteri Lindbohm 

Petteri Lindbohm was a former St. Louis Blues defense player. Originally from Helsinki, Finland, he has been a talented force to be reckoned with in NHL. He was traded on March 1, 2022 from the Blues to the Panthers. He has proven to be a great fit to the Panthers" roster since his trade.

The Offense with the Giroux Impact

The offense before Giroux already has been very reliable and has been producing chances as well as scores. From Barkov to Marchment, the offense has been solid. When Giroux became a Panther, the offense got a lot stronger. The impact Giroux has on the offensive is a great addition.

The way he produces the plays is obvious and how he can move quickly with the puck is very impressive. Being the former captain for the Flyers, he also brings leadership qualities to the team. With these qualities, Giroux has brought a great impact to the Panthers" offensive line.


The Defense with the Chiarot Impact

The defense line for the Panthers has been one of the best in the Atlantic Division and NHL. The Panthers" defense has been creating opportunities for PPGs and both of the Penalty Kill Unit have been on point. When Chiarot was added to the Panthers" roster, the way the defense changed was for the better.

He is physical and well built at 6"3" weighing 234 pounds. Not only that, but he also is an excellent shooter and produces goals quite well. He is very fun to watch while he plays and brings the fans excitement.

The Defense with the Lindbohm Impact

As previously mentioned, the Panthers are just the team that has been on a roll this past season. Just making opportunities and keeping the team from scoring. When Lindbohm was added to the roster, the defense line became more physical. Like Chiarot, he stands tall at 6"3" weighing 209 pounds. 

He is most known for being physical and getting into scrapes. Either if he accidentally gets hit by another player or if the other player accidentally hits their teammate. It is the scrapes that energize the Panthers" sense of comradery and for them to win the game.


Overall Visual, Game, and Appeal

With the additions of Giroux, Chiarot, and Lindbohm, the Panthers’ now have a stronger team. The overall visual of the team still always brings enthusiasm to the fans by their game play and how they are able to keep the fans standing up. The overall game is also quite amazing to look at. Even if there is a loss, the Panthers find some way to produce as many goals as they can and play their hardest until the end of the game. The appeal of the Panthers is their ability to not only connect the plays, but also connect to the fans. Once connected to the fans, the sports buff will connect to the Panthers’ players.

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