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Everyone has their picks for NL and AL MVP prior to the season, some cast their votes midseason, and some like to wait until seasons end to make their decision. A candidate that will most likely be on the ballot this fall will be none other than the Astros’ right-fielder, Kyle Tucker, and here’s why.

King Tuck

Kyle Tucker has been one of the many young talents for the Astros in recent years, making a major impact for the team since becoming an everyday player in 2020. Tucker put up career high numbers last season, and is expected to do even more this year, which will help is AL MVP case.

Kyle Tucker was drafted by the Astros in the first round of the 2015 MLB draft and didn’t get a chance to play in the major leagues until 2018, but it wasn’t until 2020 in which Tucker would be used as more than a bench player, as he would become the everyday right fielder.

Tucker tends to start the season off slowly, and this year is an example. Tucker struggled at the disch early this season, he’s been barreling up some baseballs but unfortunately hitting into some bad luck. However, Tucker has battled back, bringing his batting average from .093 a week ago to .175 as of last nights game.

Tucker is starting to heat up and will continue to stay hot, going 1-4 last night with three RBIs including a two-run homerun.

If nobody got me…

“If nobody got me, I know Kyle Tucker got me”, the popular meme amongst Astros fan held true last season when Tucker slashed his career high numbers:

.294 batting average, 149 hits, 30 homeruns, 92 RBIs, and an on-base percentage of .359.

With Tucker starting to find his groove as of late, its only a matter of time until he starts to put up great numbers. If he is able to take that next step, he will certainly be in the discussion for AL MVP.

Out of all the Astros players, Tucker is the most likely to win the award, with a close second being Alex Bregman. Kyle Tucker is a player that should be on everyone’s radar this season as he very well could be the AL MVP.

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