No Need To Worry About Alec Bohm

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Alec Bohm is one of the youngest players on the Philadelphia Phillies’ active roster and is still improving his game. There have been recent concerns about Bohm’s play, particularly in the field. Most notably this season, having three errors in the field against the New York Mets. Playing defense and having a good fielding ability is an important piece to a young player’s development. And although Bohm has shown some flashes of being a good third baseman, his fielding is something that needs to be greatly improved. There is no reason to hit the panic button on Alec Bohm yet.

The biggest bright spot in Bohm’s game is his hitting ability. This season, Bohm is slashing .316/.375/.447 with 1 home run, 7 runs scored, and 11 RBI’s to his name. Bohm is only 25 years old, and he has shown that he is a very good hitting third baseman. In addition, he has so much room to grow as a hitter, when you are that young of a player and have such a good hitting ability, it means you have a good building block for a player to improve. His hitting ability alone is what is keeping him in the lineup. If Bohm couldn’t hit the ball and couldn’t field, why would he be in the lineup at all?

Obviously, as we’ve seen, Bohm’s fielding has been something that has needed a lot of improvement. The reason the panic button shouldn’t be hit is because of what was stated earlier. Alec Bohm is 25 years old. He is so young and has so much room to grow as a ballplayer that his fielding is something that can be improved or developed over time. If Alec Bohm was older and couldn’t field then I would be more concerned with the fact that is the area where he struggles. Because of that, there isn’t a need to panic.

Even if his fielding doesn’t work at third base, maybe a position change should be put into consideration. Maybe Bohm could take over the first base position after Rhys Hoskins, maybe the Phillies decide the best course of action is to use him more as a DH. Bohm’s bat alone is something that should keep him in the lineup continuously. The Phillies should be prioritizing helping Bohm with his fielding. He is already a great hitter and with the right help, he can become a great fielder. Since he is one of the Phillies’ best young players, if he takes his game a step further and improves where he needs to be, he can be dangerous in Major League Baseball.

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