Bellator President Proposes AJ McKee and Pitbull Trilogy Fight

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After an interesting rematch, things are pointing to an Aj McKee and Pitbull trilogy fight.

The Bellator president Scott Coker, who in his furious lash back at AJ McKee acknowledged the promotion’s disinterest in a trilogy, has now eaten his words up while teasing the fans with a third straight fight between Pitbull and McKee.

Patricio “Pitbull” Freire earned a unanimous decision victory over A.J McKee in a title bout that happened on the 15th of April, 2022.

The scoreboard was subject to controversy as the Judges on that night scored it 49-46, 48-47, and 48-47, all in Pitbull’s favor. Much to the surprise of the former champion. After the fight, he was quick to ask for a rematch.

McKee Voices Displeasure in Current Weightclass

After spending years in his current weight class, the loss to Pitbull was the first in his pro career. Throughout McKee’s time in the division, he has always struggled with weight cut issues, and he has now decided to switch divisions.

Should the promotion declare an interest in a trilogy fight, McKee wants it to occur in the 155-pound division.

“At the end of the day, it’s back to the drawing board. Shit, I want my rematch at ‘55 then, Like I’ve been telling ya’ll, I’m done with ‘45, unless we get some super-fights going. I’ve been at ‘45 for years and years and years, cutting a lot of weight. I don’t think people want to see what goes into it, It’s a lot of work not just myself, for my team, for my family. It’s rough seeing me get down to ‘45s. Sure, (I’m open to a trilogy) at ‘55. Why not? Faster, stronger, bigger. Yeah, I’m gonna unleash that beast. Monster-style, baby.”- McKee said in his post-fight interview.

Scott Coker Confirms Interest in Aj McKee and Pitbull Trilogy Fight

Scott Coker has retracted his previous opinion of a trilogy fight. And while Coker acknowledged the third fight between them was close, he kept the ball in McKee’s court as the American’s displeasure over his weight cut is concerning.

“I do believe that if we can work out the weight thing with A.J., I know he wants to move up, I’d love to run that one back because I think that fight deserves to have a trilogy, It’s really gonna be up to A.J. because he’s the fighter, but when he was telling me he wants to go up in weight, but maybe he might want to stay at ’45 to run it back with ‘Pitbull’. Coker said in an interview with MMA Radio

“We just haven’t had a real conversation about that because the fight was on Friday and Sunday I came straight here (Hawaii), so I haven’t had a chance to talk to him or his dad. But if he wants to do it, we definitely will not say no because we think they should run that fight back.”- he continued. 

Despite the concerns surrounding the fight, The president has cited an increase in both fighters’ value, a potential reason for the trilogy, and the newfound “bad blood” between McKee and Pitbull should spark some excitement for fans as well.

Do you want to see an Aj McKee and Pitbull trilogy fight?

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