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Arjan Bhullar Signs a New Deal with ONE FC: What’s Next?

It has been a while since many have heard from current ONE FC Heavyweight Champion Arjan Bhullar. We last saw him in action back in 2021 when he beat Brandon Vera for the title.

On Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour he laid out major details and next steps for what his career holds.

Arjan Bhullar Signs New Deal, and Talks About His Future In MMA

A new deal with ONE Championship has been signed. In what seemed like quite tumultuous negotiations since winning the title, Arjan Bhullar is ready to tell all. A multi-fight contract has been agreed upon with an added bonus that he has the allowance to participate in professional wrestling.

Currently, Bhullar has not been in talks with major pro wrestling promotions such as the WWE and AEW, but he talked a lot about how interesting either place could be as a perspective destination.

This was one of, if not the main selling points for Bhullar, as he made it clear that is where his life will take him once he is done competing in MMA.

An interesting caveat about his deal is that it has a sunset clause as opposed to a set fight agreement. This means the champ can fight as many times as he wants within his allotted timeframe without having to worry about resigning or renegotiating with the promotion.

Knowing he is in the prime of his career and focused on getting back to work, this was a part of the agreement that the champ seemed very excited about.

Throughout his breakdown of what happened, ‘Singh’ mentioned how grateful he is to his management team at CAA (the same team that represents UFC Heavyweight Champ Francis Ngannou). Claiming they worked for him to get the deal he wanted and not a deal that only the promotion would be happy with.

In the detailed discussion this afternoon, Bhullar even talked about a possible trade with the UFC that would have involved Henry Cejudo and fighting at international fight week. Clearly, nothing materialized, but “That (trade) went high up in the UFC and that was being explored,” he said. Which is news that many did not expect to hear about.

What is Next for the Champ?

With all these new avenues being opened up, there is only one thing that needs to happen next: a signed fight with ONE Championship. Currently, there is an interim heavyweight champion in Russian fighter Anatoly Malykhin (11-0) and those belts need to be unified.

With the current global situation in Singapore, they’re not allowing Russian fighters to perform in their area. To Bhullar that does not matter much to him as he wants to fight as much as possible, wherever and whenever, at this point in his career.

Once that deal is signed and completed, so much more can happen. Bhullar stated that once his unification bout is over he will begin his negotiations with wrestling promotions immediately and work out a training camp where he can start working on both avenues to not only perform but also in his words “excel”.

To see the champ speak with such enthusiasm for his future and what it holds was a great sign to all fight fans who have kept an eye on his career and rise. He understands where he is at in his career, both physically and in business, knowing the leverage he has been able to work for himself, and wants to make the most of what he can do.

Watch the full interview with Ariel Helwani and Arjan Bhullar below:

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