Hurricanes Player of the Month: April 2022

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As the season ends and we enter the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the time has come to name the final Carolina Hurricanes Player of the Month for the season. The Hurricanes have played strong in the past month, clinching their playoff spot, as well as clinching the Metropolitan Division title. As such, a few players have stood out as the top performers within the team, and one has found themselves certainly deserving of the title of player of the month.

Player of the Month: Jordan Staal 11-3-14

Jordan Staal has had an amazing month of April, with the final month of the season being his best month of the season. The captain of the Hurricanes put up 14 points in the past month, outscoring his teammates and showing that this veteran player still has a fair bit of talent. This is only made more clear when considering he managed this feat from the third line. Defensively this two-way player has also managed a stellar showing, putting up a +/- of five for April, while still only featuring on the third line and the extra teams’ units. The captain has proven himself time and time again, and this month he has most certainly earned the title of player of the month for the final month of the season. The team will have to keep looking to their captain to serve as a pillar of stability throughout the playoff series, and he has shown that he is more than ready for this role yet again this season.

Runners Up

Sebastian Aho 6-7-13

Aho has been featured in this list almost every single month, including having already won the title of player of the month this season. Aho is the team leader in points for this season as well as leading in both goals and assists and posting his second-ever 80+ point season, and certainly has been one of the better players in the Hurricanes team. This past month the player still managed to put up 13 points, despite it being a considerably low performing month for the centerman. Defensively, Aho seems to have taken notes from his captain, as he still managed a positive two this past month, which is impressive for a player on the first line in both even strength, short-handed, and powerplay units. Overall, Aho certainly could have been the player of the month for April but was narrowly outperformed by his captain.

Seth Jarvis 4-8-12

Jarvis has had a fairly solid rookie season, given how he was inconsistently featured in the lineup, and after seeing how he played this past month, he most certainly deserves his spot within the Hurricanes lineup, as well as having earned his spot as a runner up for the Hurricanes player of the month. Overall the player managed a solid offensive performance, playing alongside Aho and performing well to set up plays that found the back of the net for his teammates and led to his team clinching their division title. Jarvis showed off that he can get in tight spaces and slip the puck past opponents, as well as use the body effectively to create space. The winger uses his size extremely well, especially considering his relatively small frame at 5’10”. This month, he really stepped up his game, much like he did when he won the player of the month title earlier in the season.

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