One Month In: MLB’s Hot Seat

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With the first month of the baseball season in the books, we are starting to see teams rise and fall in the standings. While there is still plenty of season to be played, there are some managers who are likely already on MLB’s hot seat.

Phire in Philly

The first manager on MLB’s hot seat is the Phillies’ Joe Girardi. Girardi was originally brought in to replace Gabe Kapler and the expectation was that his more traditional approach would bring the Phillies back to the playoffs for the first time since 2011.

Instead, the Phillies have been slightly worse under Girardi while Kapler has led the Giants back to the Postseason. Even more concerning, the Phillies find themselves already 5 games behind the heavy spending Mets. After watching the Braves win last year’s World Series, can Girardi survive losing the division, again, to another team?

Everything’s Hotter in Texas?

The Texas Rangers entered the 2022 season after spending more money in the off-season than any other team. Clearly, ownership and the front office were tired of losing and figured being heavy spenders would speed up the rebuild. The front office likely thought that adding Corey Seager, Marcus Semien, Jon Gray, and Kole Calhoun would help the Rangers compete in 2022.

Instead, the Rangers are floundering with one of the worst records in the American League. And while a good portion of the blame can be placed on the front office, Chris Woodward is our second manager on MLB’s hot seat.

The Mess In Cincy

The Cincinnati Reds clearly were waving the flag on the 2022 season based on their moves this off-season. Add in team president (and son of the owner) Phil Castellini’s comments about the team, and most would expect the Reds to struggle. And sadly, the Reds are really struggling. Currently, at 3-19, the Reds are on pace to win a whopping 22 games this season.

While it’s probably unfair to blame David Bell, who led the Reds to winning seasons the prior two years, he likely won’t be able to survive this season and as a result, is on MLB’s hot seat.

The Dark Horses

Based on their previous results as both MLB managers and recent successes with their current teams, the following three managers are likely still not on MLB’s hot seat list. However, if their teams continue to struggle, it wouldn’t be completely unsurprising if their seats start to heat up as we approach summer.

The Tigers, White Sox, and Astros were all trendy picks to compete in 2022. Instead, all three teams find themselves at or below .500 in the standings. Detroit spent heavily this off-season while Houston and the White Sox both won their divisions last year.

The Astros could look to move on from Dusty Baker now that the dust has settled from their sign-stealing scandal and the White Sox could hope that a losing season pushes Tony La Russa back towards retirement. Meanwhile, the Tigers would likely find themselves in a similar position to the Rangers. After spending this off-season, they likely thought they’d be battling for a playoff spot.

Which manager do you think is on MLB’s hot seat? Let us know in the comments below!

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