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Fans Set to Split over Latest UFC Schedule

Another UFC event is on the verge of returning to the United Kingdom this year for the second time after returning for the first time in March, but the UFC schedule has some question marks.

A much-anticipated event, which would be host to multiple British fighters, has been subject to scrutiny. It would clash with the proposed date for the boxing heavyweight title rematch between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk.

Eddie Hearn Clashes With Dana White Once Again

With the massive amount of combat sports fans spread across the United Kingdom, it"s no news they would get agitated over Dana white’s confirmation as the UK is home to a lot of exciting homegrown fighters like Paddy Pimblett, Tom Aspinall, and the likes.

‘This is the greatest batch of talent we’ve ever seen in the history of the UK. Tonight re-energized me and reminded me of what it’s like to do fights over in the UK. We’re coming back here this year,’ Dana White said in a post-fight interview.

It would, however, not be met with the expected excitement as a Boxing title rematch is rumored for the same date. The current WBA, WBO, and IBF title champion Usyk has left his hometown, ditching the military duties he embarked on following the Russian invasion. 

While uncertainty remained as to what venue the rematch between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk would occur, British sports promoter Eddie Hearn took to the media to address the situation. 

"We"re closing off the date at the moment, venue and everything and we hope to have an announcement for you very soon. July 23 is a strong possibility, it"s not done but that could be the date – [Saudi Arabia] is one of the front runners [to host the rematch]."- Eddie Hearn revealed with Mirrorfighting.

Eddie Hearn’s revelation would not meet many fans lightly, and he goes on to express his interest in the rematch taking place in London.

The Implication When Both Dates Clash

Should his proposed interest come through, London would be hosting two combat sports in one night- a decision that would cause a massive split between fans in the United Kingdom. Eddie Hearn proceeded to debunk his interest in London as a venue but mentioned July 23rd as a potential date.

After exerting his dominance in the cruiserweight division, the 35-year-old veteran Usyk is looking to defend his place as the heavyweight champion after previously defeating AJ in September.

Their previous matchup had their tickets sold out in 24 hours, with 60,000 fans gracing the Tottenham Hotspur stadium; but it seems they would struggle to achieve that feat with the UFC set to pull a whole chunk of the fans away.

This is not the first time the UFC and Boxing matches would clash. In 2019, a matchup between Canelo Alvarez and Sergey Kovalev clashed with the UFC’s main event fight between Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal.

The boxing federation as a whole would be looking to avoid the same mistake as many fans wrote the Canelo fight off for the UFC main event, eventually leading to a lessened ticket sale. It remains unlikely that the main events will overrun, although the official schedules are yet to be confirmed.

The location of that fight may determine whether the timings clash. If Saudi Arabia, as suggested by Hearn, is chosen, the number one contender Joshua may see his matchup set for the early hours of the day.

Which of these fights will you watch? Let us know in the comments!

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