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Watch: Jamahal Hill Prank Nearly Goes Terribly Wrong 

Although there has been a deviation from training-ground jokes as opposed to in the past, it’s still a massive part of the culture in several settings. When fighters are not fighting or sweating for the big purses, what do they do? 

Some could participate in other sports, spend time out, see a movie, put extra shifts at work, or explore different opportunities outside the promotion: this could be an unending list. 

The commonest of them all is teammates poking fun at each other, but that amusing idea has to be scrapped for combat sports athletes due to their reflexes. We’ve seen several cases of boxers or pro MMA fighters being just too quick to react to the situations surrounding them without giving it a second thought, just as in the case of Mike Tyson’s alleged attack on a fan.

The latest in the series of adrenaline-pumped reactions occurred at Jamahal Hill’s training center after a prank by his manager, Brian Butler-Au, almost led to a brawl with the 30-year-old Hill.

Jamahal Hill’s Reaction to The Awkward Prank

In a video released by Jamahal Hill (10-1-0 1 NC 5-1-0 1 NC UFC) after the incident unfolded, popular social media creator ImReddttv appeared to prank Jamahal Hill most bizarrely. He pretended to be busy answering a call while walking towards Hill, who bent down during a conversation with a fellow training-ground mate. 

ImReddttv patted Hill’s back and muttered, “I’ll still try your ass, on God. You heard what I said.” Much to the annoyance of the no.14 ranked light heavyweight fighter, he made an explosive surge swinging his arms toward the social media star. Hill’s manager quickly reacted to prevent the knockout maniac from attacking imReddttv as he backed away, yelling “it’s a prank.”

Jamahall Hill has had four knockout wins out of his seven pro fights, with his last two bouts ending by first-round knockout finishes. With Hill possessing such a knockout ratio, it doesn’t look like imReddttv would come out unscathed against the renowned knockout artist should a brawl have evolved.

Hill is scheduled to square off against Thiago Santos on August 6th in a main-event bout. Santos dropped his last bout to Magomed Ankalaev and is looking to avoid another long losing streak. However, if Hill shows the reflexes he did during the prank, he stands a good chance of winning the fight.

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