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Pat Barry Appears to Blame Everyone Else for Namajunas’ UFC 274 Loss

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Pat Barry has been making the rounds since Rose Namajunas’ UFC 274 loss to Carla Esparza and seems to be placing the blame on everyone and everything rather than taking responsibility for his fighter’s lackluster performance.

While appearing on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Barry stated that the loss was “just one of those days” at the office.

“Rose stuck to a game plan,” Barry said. “We had a strategy, and she stuck to it for the first time ever. For the first time ever she stuck to the game plan and didn’t stray away. She didn’t become undisciplined. She stuck to it. It just so happens that Carla stuck to her game plan, too, and neither one of them broke. That’s all we were waiting for.”

Barry echoed those sentiments in between rounds as he told ‘Thug Rose’ that she was performing “beautifully” and that the chorus of boos from the crowd meant the fight was going according to plan. The judges didn’t feel the same and awarded Esparza the bout via split decision.

Pat Barry Says a Slippery Canvas Prevented ‘Thug Rose’ From Going for the “Kill”

During that same interview, Barry placed blame on what he called the, “slipperiest canvas you can ever fight on” 

“In the fight, [Namajunas] did everything perfect, bro. Perfect,” he continued. “I love the UFC and I’ve loved everything that UFC does for everyone, and I love it, I love the organization. But, I will say, in the fight, there’s three moments — but there’s two in particular — where bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, here it comes, this is the time, and when Rose went to throw the punch, her foot slipped. And I saw that. I saw it. I saw her foot slide. And when it did, I know my head went crazy…. And when the opportunity for that one thing that we trained for came again and she went — foot slipped a second time.

“I love UFC and everything they do, but this is, out of all the fights I’ve ever had, even back in my career, this is the slipperiest canvas you can ever fight on,” Barry added. “Which, at that moment, when she had the opening for the kill, the second time, when she went for it and that foot slipped, I had a moment of clarity, man. I don’t know. Just all of a sudden I went from this crazy [demeanor] to completely just calm. Apparently, the world is trying to make this very difficult for you. Apparently, something is going on. Because of course Rose and her spirituality, and we look at things so I have to think a certain way because she thinks a certain way — something is trying to stop you from winning this fight.”

Barry Claims Sean Strickland’s Comments Caused Namajunas to Fight Emotionally Despite Sticking to Strategy

As though it weren’t enough that Barry was placing the blame on a slippery canvas and seemingly some mystical force, Barry also addressed Sean Strickland’s controversial comments regarding their relationship, implying that it compromised Namajunas emotionally leading to a substandard performance by the two-time champion.

“This whole Sean Strickland thing that is all over the place, everywhere – years ago, Rose (Namajunas) did an interview and said, ‘I joined Roufusport when I was 14 years old, and then I left Roufusport for a few years,’” Pat Barry said on The MMA Hour. “Then I came back to Roufusport, to pursue my MMA career, and that’s where I met my fiancé, Pat Barry.’ When the guy wrote the interview up, he wrote, ‘Rose Namajunas joined Roufusport when she was 14 years old, where she met her fiance, Pat Barry, when she was 14 years old.”

“That’s where everyone is getting this sh*t from – a botched interview,” Pat Barry explained. “That’s where everyone is gettin all that from because someone decided to write it that way. It must’ve seemed credible and they just run with it. It’s those type of things everywhere that cause Rose to get into the fight with Carla, and be emotional.”

While Barry and Namajunas’ relationship has been under scrutiny by MMA fans in the past, the former UFC heavyweight seems to be looking for anything he can blame to take the attention off his much maligned corner advice during UFC 274’s co-main event.

Are you buying any of the excuses that Pat Barry is trying to sell?

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