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Eagle FC 47: Maki Pitolo Flatlines Doug Usher with Vicious Knockout

Former UFC up and comer Maki Pitolo just shook the building at Eagle FC 47 with a monstrous knockout that sent his opponent Doug Usher retiring into the shadow realm.

The fight started briskly, as Pitolo and Usher barely felt each other out before launching into a barrage of combos. Both were throwing missiles, but Maki Pitolo seemed destined to land viciously, and he did so with a perfectly timed check left-hook to shut the lights out of the valiant Doug Usher.

“It’s what we practiced at Xtreme Couture. Going through the movements, making sure we lock down on everything,” Pitolo said during his post-fight interview. “Drillers make killers, man.”

“My auntie is battling cancer right now… this one is for you! We’re gonna be selling and manufacturing these shorts (the one Pitolo just wore during the fight). Have a lookout in my IG. We’ll have a link where you can purchase.”

He also went on to talk about missing weight ahead of the fight, saying: “I just made my debut… I wanna give my utmost apologies for not making weight. Things happen; I’m a professional fighter, not a professional weight-cutter. Anybody, I’m ready. Thank you for the opportunity Eagle (FC). Coconut Bomb, out.”

Doug Usher Retires After Maki Pitolo Celebrates Highlight Reel Eagle FC 47 Knockout

Doug Usher (13-3) was riding a stunning nine-fight win streak coming into this matchup with Maki Pitolo; however, after a gruesome knockout loss, he took his gloves off and retired in the cage. This was Usher’s debut in Eagle FC, and although short-lived, he made the most of his debut and gave a valiant effort.

Maki Pitolo (14-9) ended his UFC stint on a four-fight losing streak but has since bounced back with his performance at Eagle FC 47, making it two impressive victories in a row. Aptly named ‘Coconut Bombz’ for his tenacity and power, his performance tonight more than earned his nickname.

Who do you want to see Maki Pitolo fight next?

Featured Image Credits to Embed from Getty Images and Eagle FC

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