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A1 Combat 3: Keaneo Moyer vs. Jack Duffy Breakdown

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Under normal circumstances, a Sunday night wouldn’t entail MMA on the sports calendar, but this is an extended weekend coming up inside the United States, and 2017 UFC Hall of Fame inductee Urijah Faber is taking advantage of the Memorial Day holiday by holding A1 Combat 3 and the A1 Combat 3 main event.

A1 Combat 3 Main Event on Sunday Night

About one month removed from A1 Combat 1 taking place, a card marred by a scuffle between the original main event fighters at the official weigh-in the day before, A1 Combat returns with three championship fights over two nights this holiday weekend.

Much like A1 Combat 1 earlier in the month, the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel in Wheatland, CA will play host to both A1 Combat cards this weekend.

All told, A1 Combat 3 is slated to feature a seven-fight card, highlighted by a battle for supremacy at 125 lbs. in the A1 Combat 3 main event of the evening.

Keaneo Moyer (3-2 MMA) will meet undefeated Jack Duffy (5-0 MMA) to close out the weekend of action.

As with all MMA championship fights, the A1 Combat 3 main event will be an advertised maximum of five rounds at five minutes per round.

A1 Combat 3 Main Event Fighter Comparison

Heading into the A1 Combat 3 main event on Sunday evening, Jack Duffy stands as the taller man at 5-foot-7, compared to the 5-foot-6 frame of Keaneo Moyer.

However, unlike most MMA fight breakdowns seen on this site, there’s no information in the reach advantage category accessible online for the A1 Combat 3 main event.

Keaneo Moyer Ready to Embrace Role of Villain in A1 Combat 3 Main Event

Keaneo Moyer enters Sunday’s main event bout having posted a record of 3-2 in his last five MMA appearances, looking to avenge a first-round knockout defeat (elbow) against Jesse Tafoya right before Valentine’s Day on Feb. 12 in Firepower 4.

Moyer, a native of Portland, OR, will be entering hostile territory this Sunday when he faces Sacramento native Jack Duffy in the latter’s hometown.

In a recent interview with the Mom’s Basement MMA podcast, he explained just why there was so much negativity directed toward him in the past.

“In my amateur career, I did talk a lot,” Moyer said. “I had a big mouth, I really did. I was cocky, kind of an overconfident fighter, really wanted to get my name out there, so I talked a lot. I backed it up in the cage. I was really happy to back it up in the cage. It’s one thing to talk a lot, but if you just go out there and get beat every single time, it’s not going to look good for you, so I always made sure to back up my words whether I won or lost.”

Moyer Grows Up

Later, Moyer discussed his recent maturity outside the cage and how it’s led him to where he is today.

“I always gave it 100 percent,” he continued. “I feel like people expect certain things from me, so they look at my past fights and they look at my past in general and they think ‘Yeah, this kid’s going to talk [expletive deleted], he’s going to come at me some type of way,’ but for my last three opponents, I really have had no reason. I’ve had no animosity with them. I’ve had no reason to talk [expletive deleted] with them back and forth.”

Confident statements from Keaneo Moyer, for certain, but the time for talk is nearly over.

Can he back up his talk with a victory in the A1 Combat 3 main event on Sunday in enemy territory?

Jack Duffy Gets Rebooked for A1 Combat Flyweight Championship After Scuffle at Weigh-In Denies Original Opportunity

In the other corner, Jack Duffy has yet to lose in his professional MMA career, having most recently defeated an opponent whose fight versus Duffy is unlisted on the Internet back in October by first-round stoppage for the latter’s 15th loss in succession.

Initially, Duffy was slated to fight Jesse Tafoya on May 1 during the A1 Combat 1 main event on UFC Fight Pass, but the fight was postponed on the day of the official weigh-in after the two men engaged in fisticuffs, leaving Urijah Faber no choice but to cancel the bout.

Four weeks removed from the fight before the fight, Jack Duffy gets a second chance at flyweight gold on Sunday night.

Hopefully, Duffy and Moyer don’t come to blows this time.

Analysis, Film Study, and Prediction

The A1 Combat 3 main event looks to be another one of those fights that’s a toss-up on paper, as both of these men have been known to score the victory inside the distance.

Watch For Moyer’s Submissions

One aspect of Keaneo Moyer’s fight game that’s most evident on film is his ability to score the submission, as he did in his third professional fight against Sam Paneitz in August of last year.

During the first round of a scheduled three, the two fighters found themselves in the clinch and exchanged punches, with Paneitz landing punches to the head and Moyer connecting on knees to the body.

From there, Moyer gained the momentum by executing a foot sweep to take Paneitz down, and although Paneitz wanted to steal the momentum back, Moyer applied the necessary torque to attempt a standing guillotine choke, backing Paneitz up to the cage fence and eventually dropping him to the mat to lock it in for the victory.

If Keaneo Moyer is able to take Jack Duffy down even once in the A1 Combat 3 main event, it could be over in a hurry.

Jack Duffy Can Hunt For the Submission, As Well

In the other corner, don’t count Jack Duffy out because he’s been proven to be a submission hunter in his own right, something that Jeremy Murphy found out firsthand in GKO 17 in November of 2017.

Right from the opening bell, Duffy put Murphy in the clinch and almost immediately backed him up to the cage fence to take him down, using his grappling to take the fight home, eventually locking in the rear-naked choke inside the first minute of the fight.

If Duffy is able to effectively grapple with Moyer in the A1 Combat 3 main event, he can score the victory pretty easily.

Final Thoughts

With this being an extended weekend due to Memorial Day, the vast majority of people inside the United States won’t be going back to work until Tuesday, so you’ve got no reason to skip the A1 Combat 3 main event on Sunday night.

Don’t forget to tune in.

Prediction: Keaneo Moyer by First-Round Submission.

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