The Ridiculousness of Donaldson and Anderson

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This whole situation is stupid, and I cannot believe it is getting so much press time. Frankly, I am embarrassed for all parties involved, because no one looks good in this situation.

In case one is unaware, on Saturday, May 21, the Yankees and White Sox had a bench clearing argument (not even brawl) which centered around two familiar faces who seem to have been aggravating each other for a few series: Yankees third baseman Josh Donaldson and White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson. Supposedly, Donaldson referred to Anderson as “Jackie.” Here is why everyone looks foolish:

Tim Anderson

Anderson compared himself to Jackie Robinson in 2019 by calling himself “today’s Jackie Robinson.” Weird comparison, considering Robinson was the first black player since 1884 in Major League Baseball, and Anderson gets to enjoy his life and career successfully with fans of all colors buying his jersey. Do not get me wrong, Tim Anderson is really good, but he is not Jackie Robinson. In fact, no one is Jackie Robinson besides Jackie Robinson. To diminish the name of Jackie Robinson comes off as arrogant and laughable. 

Josh Donaldson agrees with the absurdity. Donaldson is not calling Anderson “Jackie” as a racial slur, he is saying it to mock Anderson for making such a ridiculous comparison. Donaldson is clearly meaning it as if to say “you are not Jackie. And I am making fun of your stupidity.” For Anderson to cry “racism” over this makes him look mentally soft and not very smart.

Josh Donaldson

First of all, Anderson called himself Jackie three years ago. Donaldson initially threw the “Jackie” term at Anderson when the issue first came about. Donaldson should have realized the joke was over years ago, and pretty much everyone has moved on from it. Recycling a pun so old comes across as desperate.

Donaldson also looks like a moron during his post-game responses when asked about the comments. His response was that he meant the phrase as a joke and did not realize Anderson was upset by it. He is clearly lying. I would have at least respected Donaldson’s honesty if he openly admitted that he was just trying to rattle Anderson’s cage by bringing up outdated smack talk. Instead, Donaldson realizes how the media will manipulate the situation against him, and cowers with his tail between his legs. If Anderson comes across as a baby, Donaldson comes across as a bully who is scared of the teacher.

Major League Baseball

Is this honestly worth a suspension? Why in the world are you giving this any form of legitimacy when it is so clearly not worth time or effort?

Media as a Whole

Well, this answers the above question. MLB cares about this because they need to throw a bone at the barking media, especially considering how MLB tends to always headline negative stories. Media salivates over this story because any time they can twist a situation into making it look racist means clicks, dollars, and cents. Causing fans to argue makes media more money. Real racism exists in the world, and throwing around the term when it does not apply diminishes the severity of when it actually does happen.

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