2022 Major League Baseball Draft: What You Need to Know

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We are a month and a few weeks into the 2022 Major League Baseball draft season, and a lot has happened. We now know a few things, and many are still uncertain. Gamblers would be on the lookout to see how the draft rumors affect and shape the MLB odds.

We’ll tell you all we know and predict a few others. This guide contains all that we know concerning the upcoming draft. It would prepare you for what is coming soon.

When is the 2022 MLB Draft Coming Up?

MLB has announced that this year’s draft will happen during the all-star weekend from July 17 to July 19 in Los Angeles, California. This sets the stage for the draft to become part of the All-Star festivities and put a bit more focus on a draft that is among the least popular.

How does the MLB Draft Work?

The draft will be split into 20 rounds. The first two rounds and extra rounds are completed on the first day of the draft. While round 3 to round 10 will take place on July 18. Finally, rounds 11 to 20 take place on the last day of the draft.

For the third time in Orioles history, the team is poised to select first overall. This is a result of the woeful performance in the 2021 MLB season, as the worse your record is, the better the draft position. This will change after the new CBA was put into place. The last time the Orioles had the first overall pick, back in 2019, they chose Adley Rutschman. Next to the Orioles are the Arizona Diamondbacks, Texas Rangers, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Washington Nationals on the picks list.

A few teams are also compensated for their near misses on prospects during the last draft. The New York Mets get the 11th overall pick for not being able to sign Kumar Rocker. The Boston Red Sox get the 41st pick for missing out on Jud Fabian.

Furthermore, the schedule for the competitive balance rounds on the first day has also been set. These rounds take place after the official rounds of the draft. Below are teams who will get additional picks during the competitive balance rounds:

  • Round A
  1. Orioles
  2. Arizona Diamondbacks
  3. Kansas City Royals
  4. Pittsburgh Pirates
  5. Cleveland Guardians
  6. Colorado Rockies
  7. San Diego Padres
  • Round B
  1. Baltimore Orioles
  2. Minnesota Twins
  3. Los Angeles Angels
  4. Tampa Bay Rays
  5. Tampa Bay Rays
  6. Milwaukee Brewers
  7. Cincinnati Reds
  8. Seattle Mariners

Return of the Combine

The draft combine has returned and is traveling across the country. The combine will be held at Petco Park in San Diego from June 14th to 20th. In 2021, it was held at USA Baseball’s National Training Complex in Cary, North Carolina. The draft combine is an opportunity for the 300 prospects to impress further and interact with scouting directors and team general managers.

Who are the Top 5 Prospects and Possible Teams?

A lot of the talent at the top of this draft are high schoolers. This means most teams picking them won’t expect a return on their investment for a few years.

One of the top prospects from last year’s draft, Kumar Rocker, is heading into the draft again. The former Vanderbilt standout was drafted by the Mets last year but couldn’t finalize a deal due to issues with medical reports. He is currently pitching with the Tri-River Valley Cats, which allows him to get drafted. Here are the top 5 prospects of this draft outside of Rocker:

Druw Jones

The young Vanderbilt University outfielder is on the radar of the first 5 teams of the draft. We are quite certain that one of the teams, most especially the Rangers, would pick him up. Jones won the Gwinnett Daily Post baseball player of the year and could go on to become a superstar soon.

Elijah Green

Here is another excellent outfield prospect that is on the list of the Rangers and the Orioles. We expect that the youngster will be picked up by the Rangers after his excellent display during the year with IMG Academy. There are questions about his ability to hit consistently, but he makes great contact and has elite-level speed.

Termarr Johnson

This 17-year-old was named as part of the USA under18 National team last year October. Johnson projects out at second base. He has an elite hit tool and projects to be a 25-30 home run hitter once in the big leagues. The Cubs will be hoping that things will go their way to get him in.

Jackson Holliday

Another USA u18 player, Jackson is the son of all-star Matt Holliday. There is a huge likelihood that the Baltimore Orioles snaps him up with their first pick of the round. Given his ties to Holliday and his advanced approach at the dish, he could very well become the first pick. He projects to be a shortstop in the big leagues.

Brooks Lee

The 21-year-old represents Cal Poly, is one of the top prospects for the draft and is the only college-aged prospect projected in the top 5. Lee is the best college hitter in the class and projects as a shortstop. The Pirates at number 3 make the most sense for him.

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