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The Angels City Connect jersey was first revealed by way of leaked images. These images are not small or blurry glimpses but crystal-clear, full-body panorama. As always, the following criteria will be used to evaluate the uniform:

1. Does it actually connect to the city, as the name implies?

2. Does it look like it belongs to the team they represent?

3. Does it look like it fits the mission of exotic, but not obnoxious?

The City Connection

What connection? There is no connection to a city, which is fitting, because the Angels cannot decide which city they want to belong in anyway. The only possible connection that can be scraped up is the cream color looking like sand. The photo shoot at the beach indicates the Angels wanted a surfer vibe. So here is the million dollar question: how can you have a surfer uniform without having a surf board and/or waves on the uniform? Actually, there is a surf board, about three-inches wide on the bottom part of the jersey that gets tucked into the pants.

I guess you can say the jersey looks retro, like it is from the 1960s, but then again, how can a SoCal team that wants a surfing themed uniform from the 60s not look like a love letter to the Beach Boys? Whoever was involved in the creation of this uniform did not understand the assignment at all.

The dream scenario for many would have been a Disneyland uniform. There are two problems with this. First, recognition of Disneyland being local would mean Artie Moreno would be acknowledging the team is located in Anaheim and not Los Angeles. Second, Disney may be playing a role in a corruption scandal involving the Anaheim city government that might have lost Moreno his massive real estate purchase to build a new ballpark. It would be reasonable to assume Moreno does not have kind words for Mickey Mouse. After all, if Moreno wanted to embrace Disney at all, the Angels would be wearing the late 90s throwback uniforms from Disney’s ownership years.

Does this at least look like an Angels uniform? I guess? It looks more like a little league team that wanted to name themselves the Angels but the local embroidery shop could not print the correct font, so they found something close enough.

There is no point to evaluating the creativity of this uniform, because there is none. This uniform is so disconnected from the point of City Connect that it almost looks like an intentional sabotage.


  1. Astros
  2. Marlins
  3. Nationals
  4. Rockies
  5. White Sox
  6. Dodgers
  7. Red Sox
  8. Diamondbacks
  9. Cubs
  10. Royals 
  11. Giants
  12. Angels

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  • Bob says:

    Terrible review. These uniforms were inspired by Orange County’s surf culture and pay homage to Jack’s Surfboards. They are not the boldest ones but were very tastefully executed. Ranking the Dodgers #6 while knocking the creativity of these unis makes absolutely no sense. Also putting the Royals at #10 and Red Sox at #7 tells us everything we need to know about your lack of taste and credibility as a reviewer.

    • Scottie I says:

      If you read what I had to say about the Dodgers, you would see that we agree they severely lack creativity. However, I admit that what lacks in creativity is made for in the overall look.

      You are also correct in that my ranking of the Red Sox and Royals absolutely should tell you a lot about how I view City Connect uniforms, if you notice what is at the top of the list, I give favor to flashy and abnormal uniforms. Kansas City is at the bottom because it is very standard for a baseball uniform. And there clearly is an audience for that look. thank you for reading!

  • Jack Mehoff says:

    Anaheim already had “Disney” jerseys when they were owned by Disney. What a dull review

  • Rick says:

    As City Connect unis are just merchandise grabs…these Angels are going to be bought. Nike is in it to make money.

  • Josh says:

    Sounds like someone that has never been to Orange County

    Everybody I know loves these so maybe you aren’t the target audience

    0/10 review

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