Reid Detmer’s Historic Night

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On May 11th, rookie left-handed pitcher Reid Detmers pitched a no-hitter against Tampa Bay Rays. In his 11th career big-league start, Detmers pitched 108 pitches to have the no-hitter. It was a historic performance by Detmers being the first solo no-hitter this season.

A Little Bit About Detmers

Detmers is 22 years old and was the number 10 pick in the 2020 season making him one of Angel’s top prospects. Throughout the MLB he was ranked the 25th prospect coming into the season according to R.J. Anderson from CBS Sports.
He had a few starts last year towards the end of the season to get a taste of the major leagues. Before his no-hitter, he carried a 1-1 record with a 5.32 earned run average. He had never thrown more than six innings in any of his pro starts in either the minors or majors. His overall stats this season are 2-2 with a 4.62 earned run average with 27 strikeouts.

What Made this Performance So Special

First, his no-hitter, Detmers only struck out two batters so he kept the defense extremely busy. He recorded eleven outs on the ground and 14 via fly balls. According to Statcast, five of the 15 put in the play had a better than 50 percent chance for a base hit based on exit velocity and launch angle making his performance dominant.
This season the length pitchers have gone into games has been shorter and shorter. There as only been seven complete games, and a few complete-game shutouts. The best example of this style going out of style was earlier this year Clayton Kershaw got pulled after seven perfect innings. But Detmers’ efficient pitch count helped him achieve the complete game no-hitter.

Angels No-Hitters in History

The Angels have 12 no-hitters in franchise history. The most recent before Detmers was a combined no-hitter of Taylor Cole and Felix Pena on July 12, 2019, against the Mariners. This was a significant game because it was the first game following Tyler Skaggs‘s death. That night the Angels wore number 45 in his honor.
Jered Weaver 2012 was the last pitcher to pitch a solo no-hitter. Demters enters the history books of a star-studded list of Angels pitchers that have pitched no-hitters. Pitchers like Ervin Santana, Mike Witt, Nolan Ryan (three separate times), Clyde Wright, and Bo Belinsky. These pitchers all had outstanding careers so it will be interesting to see what else Reid Detmers can do throughout his career.

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