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Carlos Mota Forges a Legacy Of Violence and Humbleness Within MMA

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Carlos Mota has begun to forge his legacy through violence and humbleness within the MMA cage. Mota recently got back on track with his victory over Steven Merrill at North Iowa Fights to capture the RMF title in the very first round. 

Mota was ready to test himself and get back to his winning ways and with that violent finish, we know that the loss at LFA 122 was not something he took lightly.

If you haven’t seen the fight yet, it is highly recommended – simply because both men gave everything they had inside that LFA cage in January, and as the fight went on the excitement rose and rose like a symphony fight. Many believe his battle with Charles Johnson could be in discussion to be one of the top fights of 2022.

With the win over Steven Merrill, Carlos Mota looks to embark on another winning streak to maybe one day see his hard work paid off by potentially being a star in a top company like the UFC. This is shown through his hard workouts and dedication to his craft as it is well documented throughout his socials – proof that he is hungry for greatness. 

Carlos Mota: Something Special to Witness!

With the world of MMA continuing to grow, fighters seem to want their time in the spotlight, either by rising up the ranks and hoping for their shot at the big times or by trying the trash talk route, following a blueprint that fighters like Conor McGregor or Colby Covington laid out so successfully.

It is refreshing to see fighters like Carlos Mota get all the attention for all the right reasons with how he approaches his legacy. 

It is hard not to want to see Carlos Mota excel in the fight business as he has become a fan favorite with his interaction with fight fans on social media. The support he shows toward his followers is something special to witness as his fans rally behind that feeling and they feel as though they are a part of his journey.

Here at Overtime Heroics, we will continue to follow the great career of Carlos Mota as he forges his way to superstardom. 

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