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Lakers Fan Guide to the NBA Finals

So. You’re a Lakers fan. The two teams that are in the NBA Finals are teams you aren’t particular fond of right? Being a Lakers fan in this time during the NBA playoffs while your team has been in Cancun soon April has been rough to say the least. Well. Lets see if we can at least come up with reasons to root for either team.

Boston Celtics

There is no reason to ever root for the Boston Celtics. The fact that you even thought there would be a reason is treason. Next.

Ok fine. I said I’d come up with a reason, so let me at least try. Jayson Tatum is the sole reason why you would even think about rooting for the Boston Celtics. As we all know, he is a massive Kobe Bryant fan, and continues to carry on his legacy today. Before Game 7, Tatum revealed that he sent Kobe a text simply saying, “I got you today.” And BOY did he deliver.

Scoring 26pts, and adding 10rbs, and 6Asts, he propelled the Celtics to a massive Game 7 win on the road over the Miami Heat. So the only reason to ever root for the Celtics is so Tatum can get his first ring. But wouldn’t it be better If he landed his first ring in Purple and Gold? We’ll table that discussion for another day.

Golden State Warriors

Warriors fans have enjoyed quite a successful run over the last eight years. Recently, however, not so much. Just last year, they were defeated by the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Memphis Grizzlies in the play in tournament. There’s also been a nice little rivalry that has been born between Lakers and Warriors fans. Warriors fans have for sure enjoyed quite a successful run, while the Lakers have been an up and down franchise over the last decade, despite winning the 2020 NBA Championship. So, why root for the Warriors, Lakers fans? Steph Curry. He’s a dynamic player, and one that we may never see again in out lifetimes. His ability to shoot from anywhere on the floor, and have a great chance making it, is bar none. He’s the greatest shooter of all time, and he’s wildly entertaining when he starts hitting his circus shots.

Regardless of whom you choose to root for, or if you just hope both teams lose every game, it’s going to be an interesting, hopefully entertaining NBA Finals. Curry has the chance to match LeBron James in total NBA titles, while Tatum is hoping to land his first of his career.

The NBA Finals start Thursday night on ABC at 8PMET.

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Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images. Pictured: Stephen Curry #30 of the Golden State Warriors and Jayson Tatum #0 of the Boston Celtics.

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