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LFA 133 Main Event Preview: Michael Stack vs. Jose Delano

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This Friday, the LFA returns to the birthplace of American MMA for the first time since Legacy Fighting Championships and Resurrection Fighting Alliance merged five years ago for LFA 133.

29 years ago, MMA came to the United States for the first time when the UFC held its inaugural event at the long-since demolished McNichols Sports Arena in Denver.

Action from LFA 133 will stream live on UFC Fight Pass beginning at 9 pm ET/ 6 pm PT from Denver’s Magness Arena on The University of Denver campus, and it’ll be headlined by the first championship fight of the new month in the LFA 133 main event.

LFA Featherweight Championship At Stake in LFA 133 Main Event

Michael Stack (7-1 MMA, 4-1 LFA) will battle Jose Delano (10-2 MMA, 1-0 LFA) for the Vacant LFA Featherweight Championship on Friday night in the LFA 133 main event.

As with all championship bouts, Friday night’s headliner will be a maximum of five rounds at five minutes per round to close the show.

The winner of Friday night’s main event will be the sixth different man all time (counting interim reigns) to hold the LFA Featherweight Championship, and history suggests that the new champion could be getting the call-up to major MMA after the main event.

All five of the previous champions at featherweight have vacated the title for opportunities in top promotions, including the most recent champ, Bruno Souza, who relinquished the strap last October upon becoming a member of the UFC’s active roster.

LFA 133 Main Event Fighter Comparison

Heading into the LFA 133 main event on Friday night, Michael Stack, a Colorado native, stands as the taller man at six feet even, compared to the 5-foot-8 frame of Jose Delano.

Additionally, Stack owns a half-inch reach advantage (71 inches to 70 1/2 inches) over Jose Delano coming into this championship encounter on Friday night in Denver.

Michael Stack Wants “25 Minutes of War” in LFA 133 Main Event

Michael Stack has posted a record of 4-1 in his last five fights, including an ongoing three-fight winning streak, most recently scoring a unanimous decision victory against Caio Gregorio back in February during LFA 125 on Fight Pass.

Recently, Stack spoke on The MMA Plug on Mile High Sports Radio 98.1 FM in Denver, where he explained that he’s ready for anything.

“When I go into the fight, I’m expecting to get into a fight,” Stack says. “Of course, I want to win as smart and as efficiently as possible, but whatever it takes to win the fight, I’m going to do what it takes to win, but I’m prepared for 25 minutes of war.”

Another advantage that Michael Stack has going into the LFA 133 main event on Friday night is the fact that it originates from his home state of Colorado and he’s already acclimated to its elevation above sea level.

Will everything come together for Stack and his camp so that he leaves Denver with the title after the fight on Friday night?

Tune in and find out.

Jose Delano Finally Gets Shot at Featherweight Title on Friday After Topsy-Turvy Week Ahead of Fight in March

In the other corner, Jose Delano has gone 5-0 in his last five fights as part of an ongoing nine-fight winning streak.

Back in March, Delano made his LFA promotional debut during the LFA 126 main event vs. Jonas Bilharino in a fight that was to have been for the featherweight championship, but this wasn’t his original opponent on the night of March 11.

Initially, Jose Delano had been booked to fight Gabriel Alves Braga to begin the main card of LFA 126 that evening before the bout was postponed

Bilharino had been slated to meet Rafael Barbosa in the original LFA 126 main event, yet Barbosa was forced to withdraw from the contest prior to the event, leading to Delano volunteering his services for that headliner on the day of the weigh-in.

Subsequently, he missed the 145-lb. maximum for a featherweight championship, making him ineligible to claim the belt if he won that evening.

After 25 minutes of action, Delano emerged victorious, leaving the belt vacant.

Jose Delano has had an interesting road to get to this point, for certain, and he’s had to wait close to three months to get his hands on the title, so can he spoil the party for Michael Stack and finally win the championship in the LFA 133 main event?

Analysis, Film Study, and Prediction

The LFA 133 main event on Friday night looks to be a toss-up, as both Michael Stack and Jose Delano are pressure fighters.

A slight edge can be given to Jose Delano in this pairing, as he tends to favor striking in his offensive gameplan.

Michael Stack’s Punches Could Tell the Tale in the LFA 133 Main Event

Michael Stack has been known to punch his way to victory in the past, as was the case in January of last year against Jordan Mapa in LFA 97.

During the second round of a scheduled three, Stack, who had already banked the first round of the fight thanks to his takedowns and subsequent ground control, was able to piece Mapa up with punches against the cage fence to take him down again and established top control with ground and pound shots.

Although Mapa made an effort to get to a position where he could have potentially gotten back to his feet, Stack was having none of it, as he kept him on the ground, scoring with heavy punches on the ground, mixing in hammerfists with elbow shots in an effort to try and soften him up for a submission.

Eventually, Stack was able to transition to the full mount, giving Mapa no opening to try and create offense for himself, finally landing a vicious burst of ground and pound shots to get the TKO victory.

If Michael Stack is able to take Jose Delano down early and often in the LFA 133 main event, he could effectively pacify Delano’s game plan.

Look for Jose Delano to Keep the Fight on the Feet at All Costs

In the other corner, Jose Delano would be best served if the LFA 133 main event doesn’t get to the cage mat, and one need look no further than his fight in March against Bilharino.

During the first round of the bout, it was a stand-up war, with Delano constantly stalking Bilharino in an effort to counterattack his opponent’s efforts, backing him up to the cage fence a couple of times.

This stand-up battle continued during the second round as Delano peppered Bilharino with a two-punch combination about a minute into the period, and just like he did in the first round, he backed Bilharino up to the fence a few times while also landing punches to the head that stunned and wobbled him.

Through the fight’s first two rounds, Jose Delano outpaced Jonas Bilharino in strikes by a 51-17 margin, and although the fight was delayed briefly by a low blow at the start of round three, Delano kept the pace going, landing a takedown roughly halfway through the round, banking ground control time along the way, adding a second takedown later in the period.

Delano’s torrid pace continued down the stretch, despite him wearing a crimson mask in the fourth round, it was all Delano, all the time back in March.

If Jose Delano is able to expertly use his stand-up game and defend takedowns while scoring takedowns of his own, this main event will be his.

Final Thoughts

At the core, the LFA 133 main event looks to be a strength vs. strength contest that’s almost too close to call.

One final word on this fight:

Whichever of the two fighters is able to get an early edge on his opponent will be the fighter who has a good shot to walk out of the arena as the new champion.

Prediction: Jose Delano by Unanimous Decision.

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