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Best of the Decade: Top CHL Alumni in the NHL

Becoming the brightest and the best hockey player is an achievable dream for any student. The best hockey players in the National Hockey League came from junior ranks. These top players’ journeys link to the Canadian Hockey League. Some of the better NHL players were top CHL alumni. The league is made up of 60 teams and three leagues. If you want to join the NHLe, you should consider starting from the Canadian major junior league.

Being a student with such high aspirations is an excellent aspect. Most people go through life without ever realizing their dreams. Most successful players dedicated their time and energy to the sport. It can be hard for a student to play hockey and study at the university. It’s not about living on campus and having the best time in their life.

Getting to the big arena is one of the greatest aspirations for Canadian students. They spend all their time training to exceed and get excellent results. It is not surprising that many students have the pay someone to write my research paper mentality, because grades and scores do not play a role in their draft status. These players are exceptional in their careers and have perfected their niche. Many people in school or recent graduates aspire to be like the players in the NHL. Here is a list of the best alumni in the NHL.

Marco Rossi

He is a renowned hockey player with the ability to create and finish chances whenever presented to him. He is ranked 6th by the NHL due to his high score of 120 points this season. He is currently signed to the Minnesota Wild.

Rossi has an exceptional ability to hit the puck while playing in the most difficult position. His great defensive ability is truly something to admire. He has won several accolades and is loved by his team members. He has affiliations with Ottawa 67"s, Minnesota Wild, and GC/Kusnacht.

Cody Glass

Glass was one of the Canadiens draft picks in the NHL. He is a professional hockey player in the Vegas Golden Knights of the National Hockey League. In the 2017 draft, he was chosen as the sixth overall pick in the draft. He was the first-ever drafted player by the Golden Knights.

Cody played for the Chicago Wolves, Winterhawks, Winnipeg Thrashers, and Vegas Golden Knights. He has a high score and was acknowledged as the West First Team All-star.

Nolan Foote

Foote is an American Canadian junior ice hockey player. He plays on the left wing for the Kelowna Rockets and is a prospect for the NHL. He was drafted at 27th overall in 2019 by Tampa Bay. He has played for Kelowna Rockets since 2016. He has great skills when it comes to shooting and is highly competitive. He is also massively structured and strong.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

The percentage of Canadian players in the NHL is high. Hopkins was born in Burnaby, Canada. He is quite talented on ice, and this was evident when he scored 52 points in 62 games as an NHL rookie.

He has affiliations with Red Deer Rebels, Edmonton Oilers, and Oklahoma City Barons. He is known for his strong teamwork ability as well as for passing the puck. Hopkins is quite the formidable player with awards crosscutting different timelines.

Kaiden Guhle

He is a Canadian hockey player from Prince Albert Raiders with a prospect to Montreal Canadiens. They drafted him 16th overall in the 2020 NHL draft. He managed to get a whopping 40 points in all 64 games. He has played for Prince Albert Raiders since 2017.

His position makes him one of the best attackers, and he is formidably good at shooting. Opponents usually praise him for his speed and force. He has quite the accolades with two wins of a silver medal. 


These top Canadian NHL players bring nothing but joy and pride to everyone who fancies the sport. Their expertise and the team"s prowess when it comes to playing Hockey is nothing short of a phenomenon. They motivate students and adults alike to pursue their dreams with no apologies nor restraints. Most college students interested in the sport have a favourite player that inspires them to become better at the game.

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