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Top Five Most Popular and Supported Soccer Teams in Europe

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Soccer or as many people call it in Europe, football, is the most popular global sport, with many people following the games religiously. In almost every country, you’ll find a community of supporters flying their country’s and favorite club’s flags. To many, it is not just a sport but a religion, and they are massively invested in everything to do with it, including soccer-related slots at an online casino

The sport continues to expand its wings, reaching so many countries. Therefore, we now have many incredible teams and leagues from different regions competing for glory, giving the fans something to brag about. If you consider soccer as one of the sports to check out, Europe is home to some of the biggest competitions.

Therefore, if you want to be in the middle of where the action is, you should find some of the best teams on the continent to support. In that case, here are five of the most popular and supported teams across Europe. 

Real Madrid

Undoubtedly, Real Madrid is the most popular football club in the world. The club has been around for quite some time, and they’ve been very successful since its inception. Given the incredible successes in Spain and across Europe, it is one team many players are dying to play join. Almost every professional player’s dream is to play for Los Blancos.

The team has the most UCL and is currently the only club with more than 10 UCL trophies. In addition to that, it has produced many Balon d’Or winners over the years, making it a center for producing world-class players. It is an institution with so many fans worldwide that take pride in their team’s achievements.  


Following Real Madrid is Barcelona’s Catalonian giants’ biggest rival in Spain. Solely created to rival Madrid’s dominance in Spain, Barcelona has grown to be a world power in football with its prestigious history. The team has put up a great fight to keep Madrid from running away with all the trophies.

Barcelona has had many stars, but one that truly stands out in its history was the many years Lionel Messi was with the team. From the start, when Messi joined the first team and became the star, winning his first Balon D’Or title in 2009, it was an incredible story. Many people began to support Barcelona, making the team the 2nd biggest club globally. 

Manchester United

Manchester United is King in England, and their history of domination shows it. Even though the team doesn’t seem to be in a solid position in the past couple of years, they are still one of the most popular teams in the world. With millions of fans worldwide, the English giants were the 2nd best team at some point before the emergence of Messi’s Barcelona.

With 20 league titles and multiple UCL trophies, Manchester United’s trophy cabinet is stocked with incredible accolades, and we’ve seen many players enjoy coming to the red side of Manchester. The team was where Cristiano Ronaldo’s sensational career picked up, and he won his first Balon D’Or in 2008.


We have top teams everywhere, and in Italy, Juventus is the king of the Italian Serie A. The Old Lady has dominated the league for many years, and as a result, it has become a global brand with many of its fans from other countries. We’ve seen them play incredible football and lit up Europe with their compact and pragmatic style of play. 

Juventus won the Serie A for many years until losing it to Inter Milan in a terrible season. Even though the team is currently going through a rough patch, the team would always find a way to bounce back, and we can expect to see more exciting plays from them. Therefore, they are a good option to consider in Italy. 


The Billionaire’s Club, as they were famously tagged following the takeover by Roman Abramovich in 2004. Although the love story between Roman and Chelsea has come to an end, the legacy remains, and the team has become a world sensation, competing on all fronts. Since the takeover, the team has won many trophies, including two UEFA Champions League titles.

It has been exciting for many years, and even though many might not want to admit it, the affiliation with Roman brought them to the club. Chelsea is a good pick if you want to be in a community of incredible fans. The team has a decent history and will increase its successes as the years go by. 

Honorable Mentions

Some other popular teams to check out include Paris Saint-German, Bayern Munich, Arsenal, Liverpool, Ajax, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Tottenham, and Manchester City, to name a few. These are also successful teams with incredible history. 

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