Greatest Canucks Players to Wear Each Number: 11-20

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We have covered Greatest Canucks Players to Wear Each Number: 1-10, now it is time to look into the players from 11-20. Do any surprises lay ahead? What players get a snub? Find out more below.

Number 11: Wayne Maki

Over the 51-year history of the Vancouver Canucks only three players have worn the number 11. Of the three players, it was narrowed down to the first player to wear 11 Wayne Maki, and the last Mark Messier, due to how both represented the Canucks Maki takes the cake. Maki played three seasons with the Canucks, including the inaugural 1970-71 season where he scored 25 goals and added 38 assists.

Number 12: Stan Smyl

No debate is needed for the number 12. Stan Smyl was the first Canucks player to have his number raised to the rafters and the first Canucks captain to lead the organization to the Stanley Cup finals. Smyl spent all 13 years of his NHL career with the Canucks and to this day he is still involved in the Canucks front office.

Number 13: Lars Lindgren

Over the years only 11 players have worn the number 13, of those 11 players only two lasted longer than a single season with the Canucks organization. Lars Lindgren was with the Canucks for six seasons from 1978 to 1983 where he played 335 games and totalled 122 on the Canucks blueline.

Number 14: Alexandre Burrows

Of all the Canucks who have dawned the number 14 Alexandre Burrows has had the most significant impact. From joining the Canucks as an undrafted free agent to scoring one of the most iconic goals in Canucks history. Burrows may have done enough to raise his name to the rafters, but the Canucks opted to put him in the Ring of Honour instead. An argument could be made for Geoff Courtnall but Burrows’ 11 seasons were unforgettable.

Number 15: Rich Sutter

Number 15 is tough as 30 players have worn it to date but not a whole lot of notable names. Rich Sutter gets the nod playing almost four seasons, 291 games with 122 points. Rich is the uncle of current Canucks forward, Brandon Sutter who may or may not make this list.

Number 16: Trevor Linden

Captain Trevor Linden was a guarantee to make the cut. Being one of six players to have their numbers retired by the Canucks as well as playing 16 seasons with the Canucks where he eclipsed 1100 games scored 318 goals and added 415 assists. Not only is Linden the best player to wear number 16 he is easily a top 10 Canuck of all time.

Number 17: Ryan Kesler

Although the Canucks and Ryan Kesler’s breakup was painful and messy most of his time in Vancouver was glorious and eventful. Kesler’s decade in Vancouver included one Stanley Cup finals appearance, a Selke award, and 182 goals, while his trade return has turned into Brandon Sutter and William Lockwood.

Number 18: Igor Larionov

Many Canucks have worn the number 18, but most notably Igor Larionov. Unfourtantly for the Canucks it was for just three short seasons and 210 games and his first three seasons in North America. Although outside his 143 points with the Canucks much is forgotten history with Larionov and the Vancouver Canucks.

Number 19: Markus Naslund

Another member of the Canucks retired number club captain Markus Naslund. 2008 was the last time Naslund suited up for the Canucks while marking the final time 19 would be worn by a Canuck as well as the last time a member of the iconic “West Coast Express” would play for the Canucks. Over 12 seasons Naslund would play 884 games while notching 756 points and appearing in 3 All-Star games.

Number 20: Chris Higgins

On to number 20. This could have gone a few directions, Brandon Sutter could have taken this if his injury history didn’t hold him back so much, Ryan Kesler also wore 20 for a short time but his success came with 17 on his back. Leaving Chris Higgins who also struggled with injuries during his time in Vancouver also showed his abilities to play in any and all situations no matter the line he was placed on.

Who’s Next?

Next, we will look at 21-30. With 1-20 done who was snubbed? What would you change? Who else will get a shoutout for their achievements in Vancouver? Stay tuned to see who’s next.

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