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Who Has The Momentum in a Best Of Three NBA Finals?

The NBA Finals are tied at 2-2. It’s safe to say that the series has been a much more entertaining series than the Conference Finals that we were forced to watch. Excluding the ECF, that was exciting as well. The NBA Finals has given us everything we wanted, and more. As we get ready for an ever so pivotal game 5 back in Golden State, once must ask theirselves, has Boston lost control of this series? Does Golden State really have total control? Can Boston win two games in Golden State if this goes to seven games? We’re full of questions. Luckily, I’m full of answers. Let’s get right into it.

Golden State Has Complete Control

That’s right. As of right now, the Warriors look to have figured out how to beat the Boston Celtics, even though it seems the Celtics have controlled much of the series. This is mostly because of the play of Steph Curry. Now, if you remember, I told you the Steph VS Smart matchup would be key in this series. Right now, Curry has the upper hand in that matchup. Thanks to a MASTERFUL game 4 performance, he’s shooting 50% from 3, while averaging 34ppg, and adding 6rbs, and 4asts per game in these NBA Finals. That’s insanity. Maybe we should stop saying he needed KD to win his previous two NBA titles? Just a suggestion. In order for Boston to get back in this series, they’ll have to figure out how to limit these types of performances. Made start with not going UNDER the screens? We’ll get to that momentarily.

Draymond Green has received his fair share of criticism during the NBA Finals. But somehow, the eye test doesn’t fit the numbers entirely in this situation. Jaylen Brown has had moments in the NBA Finals when he looked spectacular, but his numbers are indeed down from his previous plays series. Shooting only 33% from 3, and averaging 22ppg, his offense has slipped from his previous offensive production. However, he has been able to maintain his all around play by contributing on the other side the ball.

Celtics Need Major Adjustments

Ok. Major may be a small overreaction. However, they do have some adjusting to do. For one, they are going UNDER the screens? What in the mean green leprechaun is this madness? Who authorized this? They’ve made some adjustments to this, but they still seem to be not afraid to either go under the screens, or switch their big men like Al Horford, and Robert Williams III, onto Curry. Hence why Curry has the numbers he has. Jayson Tatum has had somewhat of an up and down NBA Finals. Like how Curry showed up for his tram in Game 4, the Boston Celtics will need Tatum to do the same in game 5 on the road if they hope to regain control of this series.

The Golden State Warriors will be for sure favored in game 5. Though Boston has won in Golden state this series, it’s a tall task to ask to do it again with so much momentum shifting to the Warriors after game 4. Regardless, this NBA Finals continues to be extremely entertaining. If the next possible three games are anything like the previous four, we’re in for an exciting conclusion to the NBA season.

Main Image Credit: (Michael Dwyer / Associated Press)

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