American Youtuber-Boxer Slim Albaher Assaulted by Bellator Fighter in London

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The world of combat sports as a whole had always witnessed numerous incidents of fighters engaging in pre and post-fight brawls outside their respective fighting arena, and now, Slim Albaher is pulled in. From the likes of the great Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier fighting in a TV studio to the likes of David Haye and Derek Chisora getting involved in a mass brawl, boxing fans had seen their icons engage in a fair share of skirmishes across the years.

In recent years, the boxing circle has been dominated by social media personalities who have stepped into the ring for added fortunes. The likes of the Paul brothers (Logan & Jake), KSI, MoneyKicks, and others have used their online popularity & fame to generate mainstream attention for the sport of boxing.

However, as the saying goes, old habits die hard. New York-based Youtuber-turned-boxer, Slim Albaher was a victim of one such attack in London yesterday.

The Rivalry and The Attack

Albaher got scheduled to fight fellow Youtuber Ryan Taylor in a boxing contest at the O2 Arena in London on the 16th of July. He got there in London a week ago, where the two scheduled to fight and had quite an exchange of words in a heated press conference. Personal verbal attacks were made on both sides.

On Sunday, the two crossed paths in a hotel corridor, and all hell broke loose. Taylor, who was with his coach Kane Mousah, an MMA fighter currently competing for Bellator jumped on Albaher who was accompanied by his friend Adam Saleh(a fellow Youtuber turned boxer).

The scuffle soon turned into a nightmare as Saleh was choked out by Mousah. Taylor soon shoved Albaher and jumped on him to land blows on his face. Albaher was left with gruesome injuries to his eye.

After the incident, Albaher tweeted out about the fight being canceled from his side due to an eye injury.

He also uploaded an entire 18 min video consisting of the attack footage on his Youtube channel and blamed Kane Mousah for the entire incident. As of yet, no charges have been pressed by Albaher.

The Possible After-Effects

In the Youtube boxing space, Albaher has made a name for himslef recently by knocking out fellow Youtuber 3Bidaan in Dubai in last September. In the video he uploaded, Albaher has given a stern warning to Taylor that he would take on the fight as soon as he recovers from his injury and would make sure that he takes an act of sweet revenge inside the ring on a sanctioned bout.

As for Kane Mousah, he might be in hot water, as the ‘Manchester Top Team’ fighter has been arrested before for possession of a firearm and was affiliated with the notorious Gooch gang a decade ago.

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