Famous NBA Stars That Love to Gamble

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We all gamble at some point in our lives and wagering on sports is a must when a massive sporting event is on. Today you could be betting on the next golf tour, or you could be betting on the next heavyweight championship of the world, whilst others could be betting on who will win the next World Cup in Qatar. This is how the betting world goes round, and how much we all love to delve into the gambling scene now and then. Good sporting even happening? The rule of thumb is to head to instant withdrawal casinos, wager on the best-sporting markets, and hope for a massive win.

When you are part of the game, you will get tempted to bet on the game that is part of your story. Famous gamblers sometimes are the athletes, specifically NBA players. Like us, they also place a bet or two now and then. Why? Well, the answer is, why not? Gambling is quite fun when done in moderation. Here’s some of the biggest NBA stars that are also big gamblers.

Shaquille O’Neal

One of the greatest players in NBA history happens to be Shaquille O’Neal. Once a legend on the court, Shaq is now a commentator on a TV show called “Inside the NBA”. The NBA legend played for six different highly ranked NBA teams during his 19-year basketball career and was also crowned NBA champion four times.

Apart from netting some baskets on the court, Shaq can now be seen on his Instagram dancing and throwing hoops with his sons. Having proclaimed that basketball will always be his first love, Shaq also loves to place bets and gamble at land-based casinos. One time, the NBA legend claimed to have spent and also lost over $200,000 in just one night at the casino tables. Following the crushing gambling losses, Shaq was questioned by ESPN. Still, O’Neal did not bother about his gambling losses; instead, he declared that gambling is fun and loves to do it occasionally.

Shaq is currently in talks to become a brand ambassador and promoter for some of the most prominent names in gambling.

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is a former American professional basketball player who was a class act on the basketball court. Barkley played in the NBA for a total of 3 teams and 16 NBA seasons. Known for being a total destroyer on the court, Barkley is also notorious for many other reasons, including gambling.

Unfortunately for Barkley, his gambling habits went a bit out of hand, and he stated he lost a total of $2.5 million in a small 2-hour gambling spree. Apart from this, Barkley’s gambling continued to spiral out of control, he lost a massive total of $10 million. When questioned about his gambling addictions and problems, Barkley admitted that he is aware that he has a gambling issue. He also realised that gambling is a problem when you cannot afford it. When asked if he would quit gambling, Barkley admitted that he liked gambling too much to stop.

Barkley loved gambling so much that he even wrote a book entitled “I May Be Wrong But I Doubt It”.

Michael Jordan

Micheal Jordan was and will always be the star player of the Chicago Bulls. His competitive nature in the sports helped Jordan attain prestigious awards, including MVP, NBA Rookie of the Year, NBA Defensive Player of the Year, NBA Best Player Award, and NBA Kobe Bryant Award.

Jordan was and remains so popular that Nike still produces the famous Air Jordan trainers, a pair of shoes that is a must-have if you like basketball, and being cool.

Apart from being a basketball sensation, Jordan also is known to go on gambling benders with his pals, benders that also evolve for 36 hours. You read that right; whilst the rest of us enjoy the traditional Friday night poker with friends and go home at a decent hour, Jordan spends 36 hours gambling non-stop and losing a cool $1 million in the process.

Another event involving Micheal Jordan and his bad gambling habits includes when he wrote a $57,000 check to James ‘Slim’ Bouler. At first, Jordan stated that the funds were to cover a small business loan supported by Bouler, and he later admitted that the funds were being paid to honor a gambling debt that was generated on the golf course.

How to Gamble Wisely and Efficiently

There are many times that you are tempted to gamble. You cannot bet on all occasions you feel like it; however, you can choose which sporting events fit your gambling profile and needs. Gambling is a skill, and investing in your skill and art will always improve you; however, with caution. If you are looking to gamble wisely and effectively, here are some tips you should follow. Remember, winning consistently leads to grinning, after all.

Licensed Gambling Sites

Choose a gambling site that is regulated and licensed. Licensed are usually displayed at the bottom of the gambling lobby or via the site’s terms and conditions.

Different Betting Markets

If you are interested in 1 sport or more, having other betting markets at your disposal is a must. Different markets offer you different betting possibilities and hopefully also different winning chances.

Brush Up on Your Strategy

If you want a better return on your sports bets, strategy is one thing to start with. Reading about the different betting markets and team/athlete tracking is also important. Once you have a betting strategy and know all about the team/athlete’s injuries etc., you can bet confidently and easily.

Once you have ticked all the above boxes, it is time to bet. Keep it pretty, keep it light and remember that gambling with moderation is always the key to having fun.

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