NHL Draft 2022: Schedule, Top prospects, and More!

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The NHL draft is one of the most awaited events in the world of hockey. On this day, the future of the NHL gets decided. All the franchises seek to improve their teams by recruiting top talent and trading the existing players to form a winning combination.

This year’s draft will take place on July 7th & 8th at Bell Center in Montreal, Quebec. The draft is divided into two days. On the first day in round one, teams will pick 32 players. The following day, the draft will witness rounds 2-7.

The pick order of the draft is decided through a lottery. The order for the first 16 teams has been decided and the Canadiens will have the first pick. This also commences NHL betting and calls all the fans to predict and win money.

Where to watch the draft?

The 60th NHL draft will be televised live on national TV. The American audience can watch it on ESPN and ESPN2 or live stream it on ESPN+. In Canada, Sportsnet and TVA Sports will air the draft.

The hype is building before the draft and rumors have started to flow especially related to the top prospects. Even players are eager for the draft as this day can make or break their careers.

Speaking of the top prospects of NHL 2022, the following players will be in high demand.

Shane Wright

For the last couple of years, Shane has been the top prospect. The forward of Kingston Frontenac is in top form. He has scored 143 points in 110 games. In the last two months, Shane has truly sparkled and demonstrated his talent at a higher level. He is still very young and it is likely that the Canadiens will pick him in with the first pick.

Matthew Savole

For any team looking for pace, Savole is their pick. He has shown tremendous control of the puck at speed and has been a top player for Winnipeg. He is on a roll and has been scoring two points in a game on average. Savole is outperforming his teammates and setting the pace of the game. He jumped to the top 2 and if his performance continues like this he may challenge Shane Wright for the top spot.

Simon Nemec

A top defender who does not shy away from tackling. Simon is probably the only offensive defender who moves the puck swiftly. Along with his defense tactics, his decision-making has improved a lot. As a defender, his match awareness and manipulation of the field can help teams in making a play.

Logan Cooley

A rising star from the US National team development program. Cooley has leapfrogged into the scene and has been playing top-quality hockey. His natural offensive play and ability to skate have made him a threat. Cooley is on par with existing great players. He is also capable of handling the defensive end, making him an all-rounder.

Joakim Kemell

Joakim could be the breaking star of the NHL draft in 2022. His start in ice hockey has been remarkable and emerged as a top prospect. He started his career with Liiga with a point in every game on an average. Because of good offensive skills combined with smart assists, Joakim continues to rise on occasion.

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