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Which Driver Will Win The Silverstone British Grand Prix 2022

July 1st to 3rd 2022, sees the British Grand Prix take place at the famous home of British racing Silverstone. The Silverstone track is always an exciting one, especially for some specific drivers. The track always promises fun for the fans.

From 2014 to 2021 Lewis Hamilton, 7 time world champion, has dominated the British track winning in 7 of the last 8 races. But will that change this year?.

Silverstone Competition

Following the Canadian Grand Prix, Hamilton finally stood on the podium again with P3 after a poor start to the season. Mercedes are still making upgrades to their cars to make them live up to their high standards.

Lewis Hamilton said earlier in the season he hoped the car would be ready by the Silverstone race so they have a good chance to compete with the top teams this season: Red Bull and Ferrari.

His teammate George Russell has had an amazing season so far with a consistent top 5 finish in every race. Could Russell have his first career win on his home track?.

Silverstone is a track that means a lot to the Mercedes team with both drivers being British themselves. Along with Mclaren driver Lando Norris, who is also yet to win a Grand Prix. Will there be potential battles between the British drivers for this years Silverstone champion?.

Alongside the battle of the British, there are also the Red Bull drivers: Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. Who are top 2 in battle for the world champion. With Max Verstappen currently leading the season with 175 points. While Sergio Perez has 129 points.

Verstappen has won the past 2 races in Baku and Montreal. Could he continue this win streak on the British track and extend his lead even more?.

Sergio Perez recently had his 3rd career win in Monaco proving he is more than capable of winning another Grand Prix this season.He could potentially have his 4th win on the Silverstone track.

There are also the Ferrari drivers, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz who want that world title for themselves. Leclerc was previously leading the championship but after a heartbreaking home race in Monaco and a depressive DNF in Baku.

Leclerc is now currently 3rd in the championship with 126 points. Only 3 points behind Red Bull driver Sergio Perez.

Leclerc’ teammate, Carlos Sainz is working his way up the leaderboard with even more competitive driving. Sainz gave us a real show during the Canadian Grand Prix, fighting for P1 against Max Verstappen.

The way the Spanish driver is going he has a good chance at winning his first Grand Prix. But will that be on the British track?.

Will there be a curve-ball and a completely different driver and team win this years British Grand Prix?.

Other than Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel is the only other driver to win on the Silverstone track between the years of 2014 and 2021. Vettel is also slowly making his way up in points, will the German driver comeback for another win at the Silverstone track?.

Many fans hope Hamilton will have a major comeback and win in his home race to continue his domination of the race track.

Many other fans are hoping for the complete opposite and for someone else to win this years British Grand Prix.

This is my prediction for the 2022 Silverstone British Grand Prix and who the potential winners could be.

Winner – Max Verstappen

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