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5 Teams Canucks Forward J.T. Miller Could Play For in 2022

For the past several months J.T. Miller of the Vancouver Canucks has found himself in the middle of trade rumors. Although Miller is coming off the best season of his 10-year career and still has one season left on his current contract he could still be on the move. What three teams could Miller play for at the start of the 2022 season?

Vancouver Canucks

After J.T. Miller"s 2021-22 campaign he showed he could be a vital part of the Canucks while they try and make a run for the Stanley Cup. Over three seasons with the Canucks Miller has tallied 217 points in 202 games, 61 of said points came on the power play. Miller"s play on the ice has made him a favorite among Canucks fans, with many voicing their displeasure with rumors of his potential departure. Now it"s not set in stone Miller stays but it"s not a sure thing he leaves either which will bring joy to many Canucks fans worldwide.

New York Rangers

Who doesn"t love a good old reunion? The New York Rangers would have sure loved to have Miller on their side against the Tampa Bay Lightning in this year"s playoffs and more than likely Miller would have loved to help the Rangers knock off the team that traded him prior to winning two consecutive Stanly Cups. Now Miller spent the first six seasons of his career with the Rangers and only eclipsed 50 points once. Still, Miller has grown into a different player since his days in the “Big Apple" and has proved he could be a difference-maker for a championship contender such as the Rangers.

Washington Capitals

The Washington Capitals could be the sneaky team in the J.T. Miller sweepstakes. Capitals star Alex Ovechkin only has so many years left in the tank. Ovechkin has played 17 seasons as the heart of the Capitals and bringing another Stanley Cup to Washington before he hangs up his skates has to be in the books. Add in the fact that star center Nicklas Backstrom has undergone hip surgery with no timetable for return. With those factors, the Capitals and Miller could be a perfect match.

New Jersey Devils

With the NHL entry draft right around the corner, the rumor mill is swirling around the New Jersey Devils" second overall pick. J.T. Miller finds his name floating around those rumors. The Canucks are in need of strengthening their prospect pool and the Devils need a veteran to help build up their young players in their rebuild. With those factors in play Miller, the Devils, and the Canucks seem to be a match made in heaven for both parties.

Pittsburgh Penguins

The Pittsburgh Penguins are in a similar boat to the Capitals. Both have an aging superstar who deserves another chance at a Stanley Cup and both are likely going to be missing a star come 2022. Unfourtantly for the Penguins said star is Evgeni Malkin who could be set on a full-time departure as an unrestricted free agent. Another factor leading to Miller packing his bags for Pittsburgh is the new Canucks front office connection “The Steel City".

Where Does Miller End Up?

If Miller does get dealt this offseason it won"t necessarily be a bad thing. Miller brought a lot of good memories to the Canucks organization through a not-so-memorable time. He should also bring a nice return if he is traded. Although if Miller does not get dealt it shows the Canucks will likely be all in this season. He may or may not sign an extension but if he continues his play from the 2021-22 campaign the Canucks and their fans have lots to look forward to. Regardless of the outcome, the J.T. Miller situation is a win-win for Canucks fans

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Tony Paradise
343 days ago
I mean the Devils have the blue chip prospects like Kevin Bahl and Alex Holtz. Would they be willing to give up these two?
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