Joey Gallo Contract Influencing New York Yankees Trade Rumors

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So far in the 2022 MLB season, most things have gone right for the New York Yankees. The team has the best record in baseball and Aaron Judge is putting together an MVP-caliber season. However, recently the bottom of the batting order has struggled a little bit with most Yankees trade rumors focusing on improvements over the struggling Joey Gallo. While he is a free agent after this season, the Joey Gallo contract gives the team flexibility to add an impact bat at the deadline. With his struggles this season, don’t be surprised to see most New York Yankees trade rumors focus on moving the Joey Gallo contract.

What’s Remaining on Joey Gallo’s Contract

This year isn’t the first time that Gallo’s name has been tied to Yankees trade rumors. Last year’s deadline, he was sent from Texas to the Bronx for a package of prospects led by Glenn Otto and Ezequiel Duran. Before his time with the New York Yankees, Gallo won 2 Gold Gloves and was named to 2 All-Star teams. At the time, his performance and having over a year remaining on his contract warranted higher quality prospects.

Now, there is only a little over half a year remaining on the Joey Gallo contract. Combined with his struggles, trading for Gallo has never been easier. With the Yankees up against the Luxury Tax threshold, they likely won’t look to add too much money to move Gallo, as a result, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him moved for lower-level players.

Gallo has seen his spot in the order dropped to ninth, found himself on the bench more frequently and was even lifted for a pinch hitter late in a game. With his low cost and likely upcoming move, Gallo’s name has dominated recent Yankees trade rumors.

Why Should a Team Trade for Gallo?

While Gallo has struggled with the New York Yankees, he was a very productive player in Texas and it was believed the Rangers wanted to ink him to a long-term deal. His dramatic lefty pull approach limits his potential but with the removal of extreme shifts next season, Gallo will potentially see an uptick in his productivity.

If a team wants to take a flyer on a former all-star, that is still just 28 years of age, they could take a chance to see Gallo and offer him a prove it contract for next season. Doing so would allow Gallo to recoup some of his value and either be a cheap option for a contender or a potential trade option at next year’s deadline.

Yankees Trade Rumors

So far this cycle, the New York Yankees have been connected to almost every left fielder that could potentially be traded. Yankees fans have been rooting for their team to trade for Kansas City Royals outfielder Andrew Benintendi, Cubs outfielder Ian Happ and Ramon Laureano. The team has also been linked to high-end starting pitching, shortstops and bullpen help. The team could also look to keep the current outfield mix with Aaron Hicksrecent improvement while calling up Tim Locastro or Estevan Florial.

While the Yankees would certainly love to grab one of these outfielders in a Gallo trade, it’s likely the team will have to find separate trade partners to cast off the Joey Gallo contract. Worst case scenario, the team could look to DFA Gallo, but this would be very unlikely.

Who would you like to see the New York Yankees add at the trade deadline? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Derrick Brooks says:

    I would like to see them add Castillo from Cinn Ian Happ and a good bullpen arm. I think that sets us up to win it all.

  • Nicholas Napoli says:

    Some players can’t play in NY because of the constant criticizing from fans and the media. I think the Yanks will keep him at least till the end if the season and maybe the elimination if the shift next year will help him wherever he plays.

    • Rick B says:

      I think you are on point with Gallo not being a fit for the Bronx. (See Terry Mulholland, Ed Whitson, Sonny Gray, etc.,) I didn’t agree with Cash acquiring him I’m thre first place. They need another contact bat. Play Carpenter, or even Andujar.

  • Sharon Yankowitz says:

    I have 3 trades in mind. LF Andrew Benintendi BA 327, SP Lefty Gabe Speier, for Miguel Andújar 3b/1b/LF and SP AAAYoendrys Gómez ERA 1.35


    Tampa Bay Rays RF – Joey Gallo ,BA 173 H 9 OPS 631 AAA OF – Estevan Florial BA .288 H 5 OPS 802 and AAA Jhony Brito ERA 2.32 for C switch hitter Francisco Mejia and AA prospect 3b /OF Austin Shenton. Their outfielders Josh Lowe BA 183 h 1 ops 561 ///Brett Phillips BA .161 h 4 ops 497///Luke Raley BA 143 h 0 ops 393//Randy Arozarena BA .257 h 7 OPS 718.

    That would give the Yankees LF Andrew Benintend and a pitching prospect in Gabe Speier. The Royals can use Anduar as their DH who can flat out hit and they need someone who can punch up their offense. They can also use him off the bench in the infield or outfield. They get a SP near the top of the Yankees prospects in SP AAA Jhony Brito ERA 2.32. They can put him right into their rotation or send him to AAA and save him for later. This kid is good and seems to stuck in the Yankees organization.

    Wilson Contreras is another rental with Benintendi but an upgrade from Higgy.
    Lefty veteran SP DREW SMYLY ERA 3.80 The Yankees need a verteran lefty to slide in behind Cole. At some point they will have skip starts or rest Severino, and Cortez. In return the Cubs get Higgy still a great defensive catcher which is a plus for the rebuilding Cubs. Top pitching prospects P MICHAEL GOMEZ ERA3.33 and AA prospect P RANDY VASQUEZ ERA 2.33.

    Rays this is a trade for prospects to help with depth on farm.
    Yankees get C switch hitter Francisco Mejia and AA prospect 3b /OF Austin Shenton. Yankees lack depth at the catcher position and 3b. The Rays get
    Tampa Bay Rays RF – Joey Gallo ,BA 173 H 9 OPS 631 AAA OF – Estevan Florial BA .288 H 5 OPS 802 and AAA Jhony Brito ERA 2.32. I think Gallo would be great fit over there in a smaller park he brings great defense in right field and his homers will have better reach. Gallo is a FA so, I added in Estevan Florial BA .288. Really good defender who has not been able to hit in the majors yet but, given an opportunity to play everyday with no pressure I think he can be an above hitter for them. I think Florial has missed his opportunites in NY. AAA Jhony Brito this kid is great but the Yankees seem to have other players in from of him. Would be a great opportunity for Brito and the Rays.

  • Prof. Steve says:

    Gallo says that his all or nothing approach at the plate is what got him to the Majors so he’s not going to change, but doesn’t seem to understand that it could just as easily be his ticket out of the Majors. He refuses to make adjustments (like, perhaps, laying down a bunt against that extreme shift with a runner on third and less than two outs). He has become “the automatic out” regardless of the situation. DFA him if there are no takers. Reynolds will cost too much (no way on Volpe). My choice for a trade at the deadline (or sooner, please): Benintendi.

  • Don Roessner says:

    My choice is to bring up Tim Locastro & give him playing time. He’s the best utility player on the Yankees 40 man roster & will get on base more than Gallo. While not possessing the power of others, he will run & score. So, get some good prospects for Gallo & bring up Locastro – plays any outfield position & plays it well!

  • Garry Duffy says:

    Andrew Benitendi

  • Rafael Roman says:

    Joey Gallo gotta go…. By any means necessary…. The guy is garbage….

  • Bob says:

    Unfortunately, Joey Gallo has virtually zero trade value. His contract expires at season end, and his offensive performance this season has been dismal. That said, maybe he can turns things around with new team, but no MLB team would assign significant value to said upside scenario. Thus, in my opinion, the Yankees should IMMEDIATELY DFA Joey Gallo, and play Andujar in LF.

    • Bob says:

      Hindsight is always 20/20… BUT, the review/analysis of players included the July, 29, 2021 trade trade for Joey Gallo is an interesting exercise. Take a look at the Baseball Reference minor league stats of Josh Smith and Trevor Hauver. From the Yankee’s perspective, this was a bad trade — in hindsight.

  • Bob says:

    In conclusion, immediately DFA Gallo. The LF job goes to Andujar or Estevan Florial (who is currently dominating in AAA).

  • FrankE F. says:

    As A Born Yankee Follwer/ Fan ,I Would “Trade” Joey G. ‘Fter ..”recently”.. Goin’ 00h 4 26.
    It’s Bee Close To A Yr. Since , He’d [Joey G.] Came From Txs..And Even Playin’ In Left Field On A “Ever” So Occasion Now!” He Should’ve Been “Hitting” “No Less Than .260,Cause [His] The Name When He Was With The Texas [Rangers] Gave “Opponents” Pitchers Nite Mares.
    Now Even Though He’s A East Coast [N.Y.C./N/J/ Resident] It Seems He “Can’t” Handle Playing’ In The Bx. Even Though That’s ‘Y’ Hal S. & Brain C. Traded For Him [.G.] BCause Of His Left Handed [So Call ] Power For That Right Field 315 Ft. Distance/Wall.
    A Friend From Fla. Said Recently That Hal S. Won’t Trade /Release [Joey G.] Because Of His Left Handed [So Call] Power.
    I Said He’ll ..J.G..Be “Traded “B B4 The Next Week Or By The Trade Day.
    ??? Ever They [Hal & Co.] “Trades”/ Signs For ,I’m “Hopin'” They Get A “Other” Left Handed Power To “Use” That Right Field To Useage When He/ They’R @ Bat In The Stadium.

  • Rick B says:

    Send Gallo to Detroit for RP Michael Fulmer.

  • Rick B says:

    Look… all the minor league players listed above are NOT going to get a Benintendi or Happ. Either will cost the Yankees at least 1 top ten prospect and 2 others between 10 and 25.

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