Top Three Free Agent Targets for The Los Angeles Lakers

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Free Agency begins in just a few hours for the NBA. Because of this, it’s a wonderful time to take a look at some of the potential free agents that the Lakers could possibly sign. Keep in mind, the Lakers are NOT in a position to sign big name stars due to their salary cap situation. Also, I am no salary cap expert. For that reason, we are simply listing names that would be a good fit for the Lakers NOT including trade values. Also. Don’t get mad at me over this list. We just are where we are right now folks. Lets take a look at the field.

Mo Bamba

Right now, Mo Bamba should be atop of the Lakers free agency list. He’s only been in the league for 4 years, and it seems as though he’s one of those players that just needs a new scenery to thrive. I’m not someone that really loves the two big man lineup that Frank used to love to deploy, but I think Mo Bamba would fit well beside Anthony Davis.

Donte DiVincenzo

Donte DiVincenzo would be a wonderful addition to the Lakers roster. Shooting 37% from 3 last year, although he only played in 25 games last year for the Sacramento Kings. He still would be a solid fit alongside your Big 3, and should provide a nice target for Russell Westbrook as well. Donte may actually be my number one target, but landing him seems to be something that will be difficult to do because I imagine his demand will be fairly high.

TJ Warren

Yeah the above tweet basically sums up how most Lakers fans have felt for quite some time now when it comes to almost any free agent target. TJ Warren would fit a need for a wing player that shoot the ball well, defend, and possibly fill the role of the 3&D type player. Is he atop my list of potential free agent players? No. but he does fit a role that I think would benefit this team.

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