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Active athletes are now permitted to form relationships with American bookmakers according to a new collective bargaining agreement Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association came to last month.

Colorado Rockies outfielder Charlie Blackmon is taking advantage of this new benefit. Blackmon is the second-longest serving player in the team’s history, a four-time All-Star, and the first current professional athlete ambassador to represent all four major American sports. The outfielder, also known by his Twitter handle “Chuck Nazty,” will be highlighted by MaximBet in forthcoming marketing initiatives. The experts from LeafletCasino, who are known for their extensive Captain Cooks Casino reviews, have decided to analyze this deal, and what it means to the gamblers and bettors.

Colorado Gambling Community

With several US and foreign sportsbooks now operating in Colorado, this state is developing into quite a sports bet hotspot. MaximBet is more than capable of competing with the big names in the community. Even more so, now they have secured a deal with one of the best Colorado Rockies athletes of all time. This partnership is just one of many we’ll see in the near future. 

About the Company

MaximBet is a fully immersive entertainment and lifestyle experience that unites the finest in online betting with the trendiest real-world activities on one platform. It is owned and run by Carousel Group in collaboration with Maxim Magazine. The website will allow visitors to genuinely live the Maxim lifestyle wherever they are and play by providing gamers with unprecedented real-life and virtual access to celebrities, sports stars, and influencers. The company has gained a reputation in the Rocky Mountain State and has already developed into a trusted source of entertainment.

The New Agreement

Current athletes are now able to negotiate endorsement contracts with gaming businesses thanks to the new clause in the CBA. Because of past gambling scandals, MLB has always been stringent about partnerships with gaming businesses. Blackmon is the first active Major League Baseball player to use the new CBA as a means of profit. Up until recently, only former MLB members were permitted to sign contracts with them.

Baseball has always been a popular choice at some of the best betting and gambling websites in general. However, what’s most important is that baseball has finally gotten the recognition it has always deserved.The CEO of the company has expressed his excitement about signing the Maximbet deal with an active professional athlete for the first time. The fact that he is one of the most famous sports stars is even more compelling. “Charlie is one of the most revered Rockies players of all time, and his style and career success makes him a perfect fit for MaximBet,” he stated. He continued by adding: “We are thrilled to welcome Charlie to the MaximBet family. We look forward to him hitting it out of the ballpark for us as we continue to grow in Colorado and across the country”.Charlie Blackmon Deal with MaximBet

You probably don’t know much about Blackmon unless you’re a baseball enthusiast. The Dallas native, who won the National League batting title in 2017, is well-known for his long hair and bushy beard. Blackmon was an obvious candidate for a sports gambling company looking for it’s athlete ambassador to help boost it’s brand in the state. The second-longest-tenured player in his team’s history has spent his whole career with the state after being selected out of Georgia Tech in the second round of the 2007 Major League Draft.

The 35-year-old, 12-year veteran was chosen as a marketing partner, according to CEO Daniel Graetzer’s statement. Charlie Blackmon’s deal with Maximbet requires him to represent the online sportsbook by participating in promotional events, social media posts, and marketing initiatives. Charlie Blackmon cannot advertise baseball themed games under MLB regulation, but there is no restriction on his endorsing the business in general. The financial terms of the agreement were not made public.To commemorate the relationship, MaximBet claimed to have hired artist SolesbySir to personalize a number of things for Charlie. That includes a Rockies ball cap, a glove, and cleats. Chuck, a dedicated fisherman, will also receive some personalized equipment. Through the end of April, MaximBet will also deliver customized SolesbySir swag to new clients.

Additional Brand Deals

There are four approved betting partners for ML Baseball. The organization has brand deals with FanDuel, DraftKings, FOX Bet, and MGM Resorts. These businesses now have access to baseball statistics as well as league and team logos and trademarks. The number of additional brand deals has increased a lot, thus creating many more opportunities for the players. Sports betting and other forms of gambling entertainment are now in demand. For the secure experience the gamblers and bettors are recommended to start playing with the low-risk entities. The online sites like $5 minimum deposit casino Canada offer exactly this chance by allowing their visitors to start playing with a very small amount of money.

Betting Marketing Campaigns and Baseball

Additionally, teams now have agreements with sports betting companies. The Chicago Cubs and DraftKings reportedly signed a $100 million partnership agreement two years ago. The Boston-based business intends to launch a sportsbook next to the storied ballpark later this year in addition to airing advertisements at Wrigley Field.


Last year, MaximBet made history by signing the first Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deal with a college athlete. Under the terms of the agreement, every female student-athlete above 21 attending Division I, II, or III colleges was given the opportunity to receive free merchandise, social-media content, and event appearances.

The Blackmon agreement solidifies the business’ position in the Rocky Mountain State community. Following the introduction of sports gambling in Ontario in April, the company has announced ambitions to increase its position in other states as well. In addition to its home market, plans have been made to expand further to Canada.

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