Angels Manager Phil Nevin in Over His Head

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When Angels manager Joe Maddon was fired and replaced by Phil Nevin, Los Angeles had lost 12 straight games dropping to 27-29 on the season. On June 7th, current Angels manager Phil Nevin was given the interim role with the hopes he would snap the losing streak, get the team back to playing over .500 and bring Mike Trout to the playoffs for the first time since 2014.

Instead, the new Angels manager has looked out of his element, the team has struggled to win games while Phil Nevin was handed a big suspension.

Los Angeles under Phil Nevin

The Angels started this season on a role and were one of the top teams in the American League. However, the team went into a dismal funk, eventually losing 14 straight games, and canning Maddon. Before the losing streak, Maddon led LA to a season-high 11 games over .500 led by Trout, Shohei Ohtani and breakout start Taylor Ward.

Since Nevin took over as the Angels manager, the team has gone a disappointing 10-15, falling to 4th in the AL West and being closer to last place Oakland than first place Houston. Meanwhile, the team can’t seem to get on the same page.

Last week, Elvis Peguero was seen tipping pitches. During the game, Trout could be seen in the outfield trying to show his pitcher how he was tipping pitches. Afterwards, Peguero acknowledged that Trout had figured out the issue.

In a situation that should have been resolved, Phil Nevin added a confusing fuel to the flame when he claimed that Peguero was intentionally fake tipping his pitches in an attempt to confuse their opponents. If that is true, it clearly didn’t work as Peguero gave up 4 runs in less than an inning

It is becoming increasingly clear that Phil Nevin and the rest of the Angels are not on the same page.

The Wrong Kind of Fighting Spirit

A few days before the pitch tipping issue, the Angels found themselves in a large brawl with the Seattle Mariners. The issue started when a pitch sailed up and in towards the head of Mike Trout. Afterwards, Nevin and Trout expressed theiir frustrations while Mariners pitcher Erik Swanson claimed it was simply a pitch that go away.

The next day, Angels pitcher Andrew Wantz through a pitch in the first inning behind the head of Mariners standout rookie Julio Rodriguez. At this point, the issue should have been resolved. The Mariners almost hit Trout and the Angels almost hit Rodriguez.

However, to start the second inning, Wantz hit Jesse Winker resulting in a benches clearing brawl. During the brawl, Anthony Rendon, who is out for the year following wrist surgery, was seen punching with has cast while one of the few Angels quality relievers, Archie Bradley, fractured his elbow falling while trying to jump the bullpen fence.

While plenty of players, coaches and even a translator were suspended, Phil Nevin was handed the longest suspension at 10 games. For a team with two of the best players in the world trying to crawl back into playoff contention, missing games due to a fight is unacceptable for anyone associated with the Angels.

While there is still some time left for LA to get back on track, it feels more and more like Phil Nevin is not the right fit as the interim Angels manager.

Let us know in the comments below if you think LA needs to move on from Angels manager Phil Nevin or if they can claw back into the playoffs!

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