What To Do With the Yankees’ Miguel Andujar Trade Situation?

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It was only a few years ago in 2018 when Miguel Andujar made a thunderous offensive impression in the Bronx. While his defensive skills at third base needed some consistency, he had proven to be good for a web gem play on occasion, while his bat shined the light towards a very bright future after finishing second in the AL Rookie of the Year voting.

And now, in the year 2022, Andujar has requested a trade from the Yankees having only appeared in 14 games at the big league level this year (as of July 5th). In order to figure out what to do here, we have to see how Andujar got here in the first place.

Miguel Andujar Requests Trade from the New York Yankees

On March 31, 2019, Miguel Andujar dove head first back to third base as a baserunner and ended up injuring his shoulder. After missing all of April entirely, it was announced that he would require season-ending surgery in May.

Fortunately for the Yankees, Gio Urshela would finally get his first real crack at a mainstay big-league role after short stints with the Indians and Blue Jays. Seizing the moment, Urshela cemented himself as a fan favorite and no-brainer starter both offensively and predominantly defensively. Urshela will go on to keep his consistency and fulfill a key role for the Yankees all the way through 2021.

The best-case scenario for the Yankees ended up being the worst-case scenario for Andujar. While the Yankees were upset to lose their young superstar, their cheap band-aid replacement would end up finding much success, especially with his defensive wizardry. The problem for Andujar is that he had been replaced.

Now, in 2022, the first place Yankees use Andujar as a double-header call-up or an injury replacement. Clearly, the Yankees expect to have an expectation for Andujar to succeed at the Major League level, or else they would not keep calling him up.

The Problem With the Yankees and Miguel Andujar

The problem is, that the Yankees cannot offer Andujar what he needs most, and that is consistency. The Yankees’ current third baseman Josh Donaldson is leaving much to be desired on offense given his reputation. However, a large part of the Yankees’ first-half dominance comes from its defense, where Donaldson is in fact a big contributor. It would not be logical to sacrifice what makes the Yankees successful for the sake of giving Andujar at-bats.

The only other place where Andujar can get reps is in the outfield. This may seem appealing at first sight given how Andujar will almost certainly be a far greater offensive contributor than the monumental disaster that is Joey Gallo. However, Joey Gallo is a 2021 Gold Glove outfielder, and despite his offensive struggles, has still proven to be a better outfielder than Andujar. As a matter of fact, Andujar is not an outfielder at all.

If the Yankees are going to replace Joey Gallo, it has to be with someone who will bring the team closer to a World Series. Ask yourself: is Miguel Andujar going to be a World Series difference-maker in the outfield?

There is little evidence to support the claim that he will. Andujar can find big league success with consistency, but it cannot and will not be from the New York Yankees. His bat is valuable, and it is best used as a trade piece to bring the Yankees the outfielder that they need.

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  • Blake Davis says:

    Your outfielder has to produce offensively. Gallo has been dismal, practically an automatic out. Hocks not much better. Anhujar made some stellar plays In the outfield. You can’t expect consistency when your playing time is inconsistent.

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