2022 MLB All-Star Uniform Sucks: The Reaction

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The All-Star game is one of the highlights of the MLB season filled with fan festivity. One of the annual traditions that gets fans excited across all fan bases, is the reveal of the all star jersey. After last years All-Star debacle, fans like myself were anxious to see what Los Angeles can cook up to celebrate their long awaited and long planned all star event. Do they live up to the hype?

Well, the uniforms look good, however, extraordinarily lazy compared to all star uniforms of the past. These two thoughts can exist simultaneously.

There is not much analysis that can be done on these uniforms. They are simply the teams usual uniform with gold lettering, and with the AL teams, the gray is darker than usual. Personally, I think the AL looks better than the NL. The motif overall comes across very reminiscent of 2019 players weekend, which if I remember correctly, was not well received over all. I am also surprised that MLB chose a simplistic design which goes against the adventurous nature of the city connect jerseys.

I feel like I must reiterate, the all star jerseys look good. My disappointment comes from the lack of creativity. All-Star jerseys of the past adopt the colors and motif of the hosting team and city. Each one is unique, memorable, and distinguished. Funny, because If I look at the location of every All Star game of my lifetime, I can recall every single jersey, despite the fact they were not worn in game. The 2022 All Star jerseys take nothing from the Dodgers, which is disappointing because Dodgers uniforms are so historic.

Let us rewind to 2021 when the All Star Game was switched from Atlanta to Colorado. MLB designed a hat unique to the new location in a matter of weeks. Even if you may not like the hat design, you have to admire the last minute hustle. The Dodgers’ All Star Game was postponed due to covid. The Dodgers had extra time to put into uniform and hat designed, and it feels as though they only used a fraction of the effort. When considering all of these factors together, I cannot help but just feel underwhelmed.

I understand what the designers thought process was: Hollywood is glamorous, so they want to use gold. Thats great, but Hollywood is also known for the Walk of Fame, which are stars on the sidewalk. It should not take a genius to figure out to use stars as a prominent motif in the uniform, or just simply Dodger blue.

With the anticipation of this specific All Star event, as well as the motherlode of material to work with, compared to the standard set by previous All Star jerseys, I just find myself expecting something more.

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  • Tom Cleary says:

    I hate these generic All-Star uniforms. It used to be great to see all the different uniforms on the field at once.Why in the world would major league baseball borrow something from the Pro Bowl? (I know, money from Nike). I was hoping that last year was just a bad experiment, but it looks like baseball has sold out one of their better traditions.

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