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Derek Chisora defeats Kubrat Pulev via split decision

When the fight between Derek Chisora and Kubrat Pulev was announced, not all boxing fans were thrilled with the fight. The main argument was that both fighters are getting old and are past their best. While this is true and cannot be disputed, the sheer grit and work rate both fighters possess made this an exhilarating contest. The 40-year-old Pulev also deserves great praise and proved to everyone he is still a warrior and can still compete at the highest level. One of the three judges scored the fight in Pulev’s favor and it will be argued he was unlucky to not win on the night

Early pressure pays off for Chisora

Before the fight, Eddie Hearn stated that Chisora needed to start aggressively and impose his authority on the fight. Chisora did exactly that and found success with heavy body shots. Pulev prefers to fight from a distance and control the pace of the fight but the constant pressure from Chisora meant he was unable to do this often. The 38-year-old hunted his opponent down and made it difficult for him to settle into a rhythm. The Brit found success in roughing Pulev up and fighting from short range.

Pulev did eventually find his rhythm in the second half of the fight as Chisora naturally tired. Pulev landed some good combinations and due to Chisora"s aggressive style meant he was walking onto some heavy shots. Chisora was hurt a couple of times in the fight and it looked like he may not recover but his incredible determination got him out of them tough spells. The overhand right was a shot Chisora was looking to find in the second half of the fight and he caught Pulev with some massive shots.

Pulev"s heart and grit cannot be questioned as he continued to fight back after taking heavy shots. The result was a fair decision but it was extremely close. The fact that even when Pulev enjoyed success in certain rounds, Chisora would come back strongly at the end of the rounds with overhand rights and body shots means the Brit was the worthy winner.

It will be interesting to see who Chisora faces next now. It seemed that the Brit had to win this fight in order to continue fighting at the highest level in the sport. Eddie Hearn stressed this point in the week leading up to the fight and now the promoter has hinted at the prospect of Chisora facing Deontay Wilder. Many fans feel this would not be a good fight for Chisora as Wilder possesses incredible power and there is a real possibility of the Brit getting hurt badly.

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