Iranian Hulk vs Kazakh Titan Set for Dubai

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Sajad Gharibi, better known as ‘The Iranian Hulk’ is scheduled to take on rival Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich. The two men have been jawing back and forth for months now, and have finally signed to duke it out inside the ring. The super-heavyweight bout is expected to take place at the P7 arena, in Dubai. The event will feature a host of social media influencers, as they box it out for our entertainment.

The Iranian Hulk will have a noticeable size advantage over Bakhytovich, but the ‘Kazakh Titan’ appears to have the edge in combat technique. The main event bout will take place over four, two-minute rounds. While the glove size has yet to be determined, headgear is not expected to be worn. The card will be available via PPV via promoter Wicked ‘N’ Bad.

Iranian Hulk Eager to “Set the Record Straight”

When asked about his upcoming bout, Sajad Gharibi stated, “This fight is for me to set the record straight. I will be a great champion for Iran and I’ll represent my people with respect, and all my strength.” The Iranian Hulk goes on to say, ” After I win this fight, I want to challenge myself against Martyn Ford. This fight will happen, if Martyn is too scared to fight me, then the world will know. I’m stepping into the ring now, ready to fight.”

Kazakh Titan looking to “Make History”

The Kazakh Titan knows this is a huge opportunity. When asked about his match against the Iranian Hulk, Bakhytovich states, “Many people are saying they don’t know who I am, but they will see on July 31, who Kazakh Titan is, my power. I am going to make history by winning, and making it the most entertaining show that has been in Dubai.” The plan should the Kazakh Titan get passed the monstrous Iranian Hulk? “When I win this fight, I want to fight Fedor (Emelianenko) in Almaty, and bring the biggest fight to the country ever.”

Ryan Taylor vs Anthony Taylor set for the co-main

British Youtuber Ryan Taylor is expected to get another chance at a full fight, as he’ll face MMA fighter Anthony Taylor on July 31. The bout will be the co-main event of the evening and is expected to be along the same ruleset as the main event.

Ryan Taylor is quickly racking up enemies in the combat sports world, as his debut match in March ended within minutes due to Taylor head-butting his opponent. He was then scheduled to face Slim Albaher on July 14, but the bout was cancelled due to an eye injury sustained by Albaher. A hotel lobby confrontation with Taylor was the cause of the detached retina, and Ryan Taylor was removed from the card.

Anthony Taylor is no joke, as the MMA fighter-turned boxer has a wealth of experience over his opponent. Since jumping into boxing in 2021, ‘Prettyboy’ has gone 2-2, with his debut fight being against the always tough Tommy Furry. Anthony Taylor will be heavily favored in this one, but Ryan Taylor’s skill set has yet to be determined.

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