Adam Azim: The Next Superstar British Boxer?

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Adam Azim is an incredibly talented young British boxer. Known as the ‘Assassin’, Adam Azim produced a clinical first-round knockout a couple of weeks ago to beat Anthony Loffet and win the WBC Youth Inter-Continental super-lightweight title. The superstar British boxer already had a great fan following leading up to this fight and his dominant display will have caught the attention of many more boxing fans, especially in the UK.

The question now arises whether the young fighter will transition into a superstar in the sport. The skill-set is there as he has shown this in recent fights. The manner in which he defeated Loffet on Saturday night was a dominant one.

Adam Azim has the platform in Sky Sports that can help him achieve global recognition

The British Boxer is part of Ben Shalom’s BOXXER stable and the promoter has high hopes for Adam Azim. Back in November 2021, in what was the Brit’s second win as a professional. Shalom said:

“I think he’s going to go right to the top. I think he’s going to win world titles and do huge things for British boxing. Everyone has to get behind him.”

Sky Sports will also have a massive impact on his career. On Saturday night, the broadcaster decided to air Azim’s fight in a primetime slot, which would have only benefitted his cause. The young fighter will have gained more followers and fans and the platform deserves praise for showing belief and trust in their man.

We all saw the influence Sky Sports had on Anthony Joshua’s rise to stardom, as he was essentially their poster boy up until this year. Now, ‘AJ’ has signed with DAZN, which means there is an opportunity for a young fighter like Adam Azim to become the next superstar in Britain, and globally.

Ring Activity is going to be key for Adam Azim

BOXXER must ensure they manage the young fighter well and it is fair to say he has not had a real test yet in his professional career. This is testament to Adam Azim’s brilliant performances. The fighter must stay active but as he is still young, there is a risk of burnout as he gets older.

This is something BOXXER and Sky Sports will take into account as they map-out his career. After the fight, Shalom stressed the difficulty of finding a suitable opponent for his fighter as he seems to be levels above every fighter he has shared the ring with so far. Shalom added:

“This guy is a freak. He is an absolute freak. It is going to be dificult to find an opponent for him as he keeps getting rid of they guys that are put in front of him.

Before his victory on Saturday night, it was expected he would return to the ring around September. However, given the fact he hardly broke a sweat on the night, he may fight on BOXXER and Sky Sports’ card in July.

Adam Azim’s trainer, Shane McGuigan, was full of praise for his fighter as he has been for a while. Adam Smith revealed that in a private conversation he shared with the trainer, McGuigan told him Azim is the best fighter he has ever worked with. Given McGuigan has worked with elite fighters over the years, this emphasises the talent and ability Adam Azim has at his disposal. Following his fighter’s dominant display, he stated:

“I keep telling people, he is a freak of nature. He’s just got that X-factor about him, he’s got ridiculous speed, ridiculous power. When people start coming to give him a fight, I think that’s when he is going to walk people on to some ridiculous shots.”

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