UFC Fighter Turned BKFC Brawler Felice Herrig Makes More Money Than Ever

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UFC fighter turned BKFC brawler Felice Herrig says that she makes more money from OnlyFans than she ever did in mixed martial arts. ‘The Lil Bulldog’ officially retired from MMA following her loss to Karolina Kowalkiewicz on June 4th. It was her fourth straight loss in the Octagon dating back to 2018. Since then, Herrig has taken off the gloves and will step into the squared circle for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

In addition to her new combat sports home, Herrig is a fan favorite on the subscription-based platform OnlyFans. Working as a content creator on the site during her time away from the Octagon between 2020 and 2022, ‘The Lil Bulldog’ was able to pay bills and maintain her lifestyle thanks to the popularity she has earned both in and out of the cage. 

While appearing on The Fighter vs. The Writer, Herrig talked about how OnlyFans allowed her to take time away from the UFC to heal properly and believes that many fighters return from injury too soon out of desperation.

“It’s very unfortunate to do anything out of desperation, and I feel like that’s what a lot of fighters would do for so long,” Herrig said. “That’s why you do see fighters coming back from an injury [too soon].

“I probably would have come back a lot sooner from my injury if it wasn’t for OnlyFans, because I would have had to. I probably wouldn’t have been ready, and I was at least ready for this fight. Now with OnlyFans, I get paid weekly and I’m not struggling to get paid, and I can take care of my body the way a professional athlete needs to take care of their body.”

Felice Herrig Says She Makes ‘Ridiculous Money on OnlyFans’

Herrig goes on to say that she makes more money from her OnlyFans subscribers than she ever has to compete in combat sports.

“I make ridiculous money on OnlyFans,” Herrig added. “Then again, it’s because it’s how hard I’ve worked to build a name and a brand and image, but it’s also nice because it allowed me to work on the recovery that I needed to do. Getting massages like twice a week. I haven’t talked about this extensively.

“OnlyFans made it where I’m not desperate to fight again. I actually make more money from that than I ever made in fighting — and I make good money fighting. But when you break it down to the fact that you only get paid when you fight, it does make things stressful on you when you’re not getting paid to sit on the sidelines, when you’re not being helped out.

Felice Herrig is Ready For a New Challenge in The Squared Circle

While OnlyFans may keep ‘The Lil Bulldog’ financially secure, she has no intention of walking away from combat sports. Shortly after parting ways with the UFC, ‘The Lil Bulldog’ signed with BKFC. While speaking to the promotion, Herrig said this of her signing:

“I’ve watched closely what Dave Feldman and his team at BKFC have built and truly want to test myself in bare knuckle,” Herrig said. “At this point in my career, I’m ready for a new challenge, and there is nothing bigger and better than BKFC.”

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Featured image credit to Embed from Getty Images

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